Navigating the Pathway to Public Trust

Navigating the Pathway to Public Trust
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-02-14
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Navigating the Pathway to Public Trust
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Unit 3 Workbook: Navigating the Pathway to Public Trust
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Various strategies have been developed in the realm of policing when it comes to improving the performance as well as the reputation of the profession. One approach that is being greatly explored is the idea of community policing and investing in public trust. This webinar explores best practices in building trust and re-building when trust is lost after a critical incident.

This session’s speakers are Kate Kimble and Katie Nelson, the authors of the resource Navigating the Path to Public Trust.   Kate is the Public Information Director for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Northern Colorado, while Katie is the Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator at the Mountain View Police Department in Northern California.

Specifics of their presentation are on:

  • The public trust crisis that the law enforcement profession has been facing.
  • How crisis can happen to anyone and the importance of utilizing available tools to manage crisis effectively.
  • The four objectives of the Pathway to Public Trust which focuses on…
    • Establishing internal foundation within the agency.
    • Measuring community trust by capturing diverse perspectives in the community.
    • Identifying trust-altering events that can either build up or erode community trust.
    • Response planning that takes a proactive approach to trust-building and response when crisis strikes.
  • How the project emerged by recognizing the importance of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve especially when navigating crises.
  • The steps to facilitate trust building in communities by…
    • Adopting a functional and action-oriented guide to decision-making.
    • Measuring and tracking community trust.
    • Identifying and responding to trust-altering events through planning and preparation.
  • What trust-altering events (TAEs) are and how do these affect not just the community and agency where the event transpired, but other communities and agencies as well.
  • The value in taking a proactive approach when thinking about TAEs and mitigating loss of trust.
  • Leveraging the tools internally to build and strengthen community trust by…
    • Fostering an internal culture of trustworthiness through things like creating buy-in, offering support, and practicing accountability.
    • Scaling, adopting, and implementing the model to build and strengthen community trust in every agency.
    • Having a tool to measure trust to facilitate awareness of public perceptions and trust in law enforcement officers.
  • The three types of trust-altering events that may occur, examples of events that fall under each, and the trust factor and considerations to take into account when facing or training for these scenarios.
  • Factors to take into account when looking to gather feedback from community members as it relates to…
    • The willingness of community members to participate and how to get them to feel more comfortable to share their thoughts and concerns.
    • How the information will be used – for both the community and the officers.
    • The insights that will be gleaned from the initial survey.
  • The adverse outcomes for law enforcement when trust is not established in a community.
  • The importance of seeking feedback from all areas of your community by employing creative methods to reach the more remote or marginalized segments.
  • Leveraging voices of influence that can help facilitate relationship- and trust-building.
  • Examples were provided to demonstrate recommended ways to effectively gather feedback and measure trust from community members.

Questions from the webinar are about:

  • How agencies can address incidents happening to other agencies that may be affecting their community members.
  • How trust can play a role in recruitment and retention.
  • Adding the community relations call type in the agency CAD.
  • The frequency of surveys and strategies to get survey participation.
  • What a First Amendment auditor is.
  • Agencies who shut off commenting on their social media posts.


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Audience Comments

  • “The action items for community programs were the bes takeaways! Thanks for sharing those — Nicole
  • “Having a public relations officer (even if it’s just a hat one wears) is a good idea. The parallel process between internal and external trust was illustrated nicely. — Ron
  • “Get out in front of things before it goes viral….ways in which to keep things in a positive light.” — Patricia
  • “I liked the crisis messaging.” — Chris
  • “The 3-step process for building public trust.” — Sasha
  • “The Presenters were thorough in their knowledge of the topic covered and engaging. KUDOS.” — Vivian
  • “Tools for developing a Plan for Trust.” — Roger


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