Motivational Conversation for Supervisors: Easy to learn skills needed to move your team in the right direction

Motivational Conversation for Supervisors: Easy to learn skills needed to move your team in the right direction
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-01-27
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Managers aim to move their people towards an organizational goal. But by merely telling someone just what to do, you may be setting them up for failure when they’re being spoon-fed and not practicing much-needed critical thinking skills to help them navigate their roles. Motivational Conversation is a powerful tool that can help improve individuals and organizations simultaneously. This session will focus on motivational conversation, what it is, how to do it, and the expected outcomes of utilizing this tool.

The webinar’s speaker is Al Cobos, with more than three decades’ worth of experience under his belt. He is an award-winning faculty member for his research course development in managing teams with the University of Phoenix Southern California campus. He’s currently affiliated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) as a sergeant for their Training Bureau’s Education-Based Discipline/Leadership Unit.

Al shared both theoretical and practical knowledge on motivational conversation and his discussion includes:

  • What motivational conversation is, how it gets people to move in a desired direction, its basic premise of turning statements into questions, and foster relationships with the people we work with.
  • How it is more effective to get people to verbalize the desired outcome themselves and accomplish it through asking versus telling.
  • How asking is an effective method for the younger generations who are interested in understanding the rationale behind tasks,projects, and goals.
  • Basic tips to create better questions by using open-ended questions, avoiding potentially accusatory terms, rephrasing questions to get to the actual reason instead of a mere justification, and utilizing self-assessment questions.
  • Asking versus telling: How asking can foster relationships and integrating questions into daily conversations empower subordinates to practice critical thinking and see the bigger picture.
  • The purposeful process of asking that looks into intent, conversations, relationships, and results.
  • An exercise to apply motivational conversations to the issue of morale in law enforcement, with the webinar participantsweighing in on how to communicate the issue and find solutions for it.
  • Using onboarding questions as part of motivational conversation to reinforce the team’s mission to employees and have them assess their role
  • The value of inspiring your team so they take ownership of their role and are engaged in the team’s goals.
  • Promoting and practicing authenticity when asking questions and interacting with employees.
  • How asking encourages life-long learning and challenges others and one’s self to learn something new and remain updated.
  • Nurturing an environment of analysis through motivational conversations where critiques are taken constructively and are geared towards overall improvement.
  • The challenge that comes with constantly practicing motivational conversation and how doing so can benefit both our professional and personal lives.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • The points in time when asking is less appropriate than telling.
  • Determining if the circumstances calls for telling or asking.
  • The difference between motivational conversation and motivational interviewing and how they are interrelated.
  • What to do when the subject ends up with a decision that is not what was intended motivational conversation was initiated.
  • Other helpful references on motivational conversation, asking questions, and motivational interviewing.



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Audience Comments

  • “You all did an amazing job with this session on Motivational Conversation for Supervisors. My team and I attended and we were squirreling away with note-taking. I learned a lot about having my staff embrace their changes by how I frame my feedback in statements or questions. Additional feedback: Keep doing what you’re doing! You guys are amazing!”  — Teresa
  • “Great listening and learning from Al. I’m going to reach out to him directly.”  — Tania
  • “I have always been more of an old-school “teller” versus “question asker.” I am going to try to adopt the question asker approach.” — Stephen
  • “The program I work for is grant-funded and finding free and interesting training can be a struggle. Thank you!” — Shelly
  • “Confirmation that spending time with my team asking questions and engaging their individual ideas for their personal growth will translate positively across my team and their interactions with each other.” — Shelly
  • “The art of asking questions. I like that he shared it may feel like you are losing control when asking questions of the group. I felt that just the other day but I know there is a great purpose behind it. It was reassuring to hear him say that. I like how he defined the question approach with steps and shared how doing so you are still getting them there but they are more engaged and have buy-in with the approach.” — Becky
  • “Best suggestions of how to pose Questions. THANK YOU!” — Michael
  • “All good ideas and very worthwhile — Kerry
  • “Learning to ask open-ended questions to get the response from staff that proves effective in boosting morale!!” — Kathy
  • “This webinar would be helpful for persons who have never been trained in motivational interviewing but for clinicians did not seem to provide new information. Speak was clear and helpful and provided good opportunities to practice learning.” — Kristen
  • “Awesome training and right on time for my department’s efforts for me to hear! Thank you for your expertise!” — Jeri
  • “Great concrete communication tools whether supervisor or employee. I would like more like this from the perspective of the employee. Thank you for a wonderful webinar.” — Cheryl



** This webinar has been certified by the National Sheriffs' Association and may be eligible for Continuing Education Units through your POST. Please consult your local certification processes for additional details. Paid subscribers that attend will be able to download a jointly issued attendance certificate that includes the National Sheriffs' Association logo.
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