More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience (Part 2)

More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience (Part 2)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on 2020-04-24
Unit 1 Slide Deck: More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience
Unit 2 Transcript: More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience
Unit 3 Workbook: More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience
Unit 4 Recording: More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience

This is the second installment of Dr. Kimberly Miller’s webinar series on resilience and bounceability. This time around, she will be providing six additional tools that can be integrated into our lives. Her tips to build more resiliency and bounce can help us cope with the challenges that the pandemic has dealt upon us and use the lessons of the experience to transform ourselves.

Dr. Miller is one of Justice Clearinghouse’s most sought-after instructors. She utilizes a strength-, relationship-, and skills-based approach to improve individuals and organizations as she provides her services as a speaker, consultant, and trainer.

Specifics she delved into on this session include:

  • A recap on the concepts discussed in the previous webinar that establishes the importance of realistic optimism, letting go and forgiveness, coping strategies and relationships, setting boundaries, and self-care.
  • Creating a vision – the qualities of an effective vision and self-reflecting questions to figure out our vision.
  • The value in creating a vision that will illuminate our path amidst difficulties, challenge us to drop what no longer works, and enable us to focus on what serves us.
  • Drafting our vision based on living our purpose, meaning making, and the use of SMART goals, visualization, and manifestation.
  • What grit is and what it means to foster it by:
    • Not giving up, remembering your why, and competing with ourselves.
    • Practicing towards consistency and doing towards becoming.
    • Not letting speed bumps derail us by adjusting, adapting, and overcoming as needed, and working through discomfort.
    • Not allowing the fear to overcome our goals.
  • Creating structure into our day-to-day by employing:
    • A personal crisis plan which considers what’s most important/non-negotiables in our lives, the resources that help us through difficulties, and back-up plans and room for flexibility if things don’t go as planned.
    • A habit audit that enables us to reflect on the things that serve us and those that keep us from our vision and goals.
    • A daily or weekly plan that structures our days such that we maximize our energy and time and recognize our progress and accomplishments.
  • What it means to be living in the now and preventing being focused on the past or the future.
  • Utilizing tools such as breathwork, body check-ins, gratitude, and helping others to be more present in the now.
  • The importance of perspectives and looking at the silver linings of the challenges we experienced in the past and how it taught us lessons in resilience.
  • Taking care of ourselves through diet, exercise, rest, and meditation to allow our body to replenish, recover, and be ready for new challenges and goals to work through.

Dr. Miller addressed questions during the Q&A related to:

  • How building resiliency and bounceability concepts can help managers provide better support to their staff.
  • How managers can open up and share their struggles with their subordinates.
  • How to support others when we ourselves are burnt out.
  • How the cycle of news on TV and the internet can affect our resiliency.
  • What self-care and wellness are and how they coincide.
  • What’s the difference between grit and resiliency and how these are related.



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