Modern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees

Modern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded February 15, 2018
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Millennials are often said to be too attached to the conveniences of the modern world. In reality, it is not a matter of choice anymore, but an imperative to keep updated. With the advances in technology that the world is subjected to, the population must adapt to these changes.

Embracing these innovations allows individuals to make the most out of the technology and maximize their productivity and potential for other activities outside the mundane tasks of daily life. Private companies are capitalizing on these technological improvements to keep their users and clients engaged, satisfied and loyal to their products and services. The public sector is no different to these private entities and must keep up with the times to ensure that they likewise provide their citizens the service that they’re expecting, and even better if beyond those expectations.

Callan Faulkner and Lauren Lahm of TechAir joins the webinar to provide an overview on how technology can revolutionize how government agencies provide their services. Callan is the Director of Sales and Account Management, while Lauren in the Director of Consulting for TechAir Group. TechAir is a Microsoft partner that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics to create cloud-based custom solutions that enable organizations to provide seamless workflow within their agency and engage with their citizens.


Callan and Lauren touched on the following topics on this session:

  • The history and evolution of the 311 system since it was first implemented in Baltimore, Maryland 22 years ago.
  • The changes in the citizens’ attitudes and behaviors brought about the technological advances.
  • Employees’ expectations from their jobs, the reality of the jobs, and how technology can bridge the gap to give employees more meaningful work.
  • The Modern 311 model as seen in the eyes of its two major actors:
    • The citizens who want more self-service options, mobility, and real-time, informed and personalized assistance.
    • The employees who want mobility, automation and integration of tasks, easily-accessible data and insights, increased productivity and efficiency, and autonomy in their responsibilities.
  • The New York City 311 system that allows the citizens to connect via social media and empowers them to search for what they need through self-service and a thorough database of information.
  • Live demonstration of the capability of a basic 311 system from both the citizens’ point of view through the website (front-end) and the back-end view for the office staff and field employees/responders.
  • Simulating the request and workflow from the time a request is submitted by a citizen, to the time is it received by the office staff, the creation of work orders and assigning field service employees, to the deployment, completion, and resolution of the request.
  • Poll questions illustrated the level of technological integration in the attendees’ agencies as experienced by both its citizens and workforce.
  • Audience raised during the Q&A segment their inquiries relating to:
    • Technology and modernization grant opportunities to fund the system.
    • Process integration of the Microsoft Dynamics platform to other systems such as Oracle, SAP, and AS/400.
    • Resources related to technology and government,
    • Other capabilities of the platform for the internal users (employees).
    • Integrating the system with third-party virtual assistance.
    • The time it takes to customize and roll-out a fully-functioning system.


This webinar was sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics and TechAir Group.  TechAir Group strives every day to unlock our clients’ growth potential. We are a collaborative of tech thinkers and doers. We live to solve gnarly business problems for companies who dream big. For us, engaging technology isn’t enough. We help you learn to love it. By registering for this event you hereby authorize the Justice Clearinghouse to share your registration information with these organizations.

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