Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth

Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-02-19
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth
Unit 2 Workbook: Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth
Unit 3 Recording: Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth

If there is one thing that we ought to mindfully invest our time and efforts on, it is our personal growth. Doing this entails looking at one’s habits and mindset – adopting useful habits and mindset and letting go of unhelpful and unnecessary ones. By making such changes, we are committing to self-improvement, enhanced productivity and better quality of life.

This course’s instructors are Thomas Dworak and Jamey Gadoury and they’ll provide practical tips that you can easily integrate into your life. Jamey graduated from West Point and led combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Following his army service, he began a career as a leadership consultant and is currently the principal of Outsider Consulting, LLC. Thomas Dworak has decades worth of law enforcement experience specializing in training. He is currently the Senior Instructor for the Virtus Group. Both Jamey and Thomas are advocates of personal growth.

On this session, they will team up to tackle one important pillar of personal development – our habits. Some of the specifics covered are:

  • What mindset and habit set are.
  • The difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset and the importance of adopting a growth mindset.
  • Defining what habit is and a live question that reveals the different habits of the audience.
  • The concept of the shortlist as the specific habits that you want to work on, the importance of keeping an ongoing shortlist of habits, and sharing these to others for accountability.
  • Debunking the myth about how long it takes to form a habit and the real length of time needed to stick to new habits.
  • Reasons why habits are difficult to form and the proposed solution to make it easier.
  • Immunity to change as a concept that would explain people’s unconscious/subconscious resistance to change.
  • The Toyota 5 Why’s – a manufacturing troubleshooting practice that aims to reveal the root cause of problems in order to solve them
  • What habit profile is, the aspects that influence it, and reflecting on your personality to understand your habit profile.
  • The difference in motivation and feedback that would impact a novice versus an expert.
  • Ways to jumpstart and strengthen a habit through:
    • A 3-step loop that uses reward as motivation.
    • The Pomodoro Study Habit that maximizes a brief period of focused attention.
    • Habit Stacking that highlights the significance of starting small.
    • The Bent Twig Effect that focuses on purposeful minute adjustments to existing habits.
  • Handling bad habits by practicing the growth mindset, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and managing your emotions.
  • Overcoming obstacles to achieving your desired outcome through acknowledging and practicing ingenuity to search and come up with workarounds.
  • Jamey and Thomas answered the webinar audience’s questions on:
    • What is more difficult to implement – breaking bad habits or starting new ones.
    • Utilizing reframing to develop better habits.
    • Techniques to overcome negative thinking and natural biological tendencies.
    • How Toyota’s 5 Whys method work.
    • Using habits to improve team members and the organization as a whole.


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