Mike Kersey

Mike Kersey has served for 28 years as a sworn officer of the law. For 20 of those years, Commander Kersey has been actively engaged in the training and execution of SWAT actions. He has served as an operator, team leader to Commander and in leadership positions on 4 teams. In his work, Kersey has planned and executed overt and covert high-risk operations, provided protection to VIP’s including US Presidents, celebrities, and heads of state. He continues to work collaboratively in operations or training with a variety of federal agency special operations units and the US military special forces community.

Kersey continues to focus on developing best practices for school safety and the implementation of school safety laws.  He provided expert testimony to  House and Congressional members as an advocate for school safety standards.  Kersey was selected as a subject matter expert to serve on national panels such as the Florida School safety commission, NRA School Shield program, Nationals Sheriffs Association, Indiana Sheriff’s Association, FBI School Safety  Initiative. He has also represented the Nationals Tactical Officers Association as a subject matter expert in life threat emergency mitigation. Commander Kersey served as an advisor for the US  Naval Academy Graduate program study to develop predictive outcomes of mass shooting events.  He conducts threat assessments for schools, churches and corporations, serves as a tactical advisor to  Allen Global Enterprises   and  is the current CEO of  Blu4 Strategies, LLC  which provides access to training and services in the area of personal safety, active shooter response, team building, anti-kidnapping and  escape/ evasion by experts in black operations community.

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