Martin Stark

Martin Stark is an Assistant State Attorney appointed by State Attorney Amira Fox for the 20th Circuit of Florida serving Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry and Glades counties.

Mr. Stark has taken over 150 cases to trial in his 25year career with the State Attorney’s Office. He served in various positions during his tenure including misdemeanor chief, felony chief, and office head.   In 2014, Mr. Stark was assigned to the homicide unit and tasked with developing a specialized traffic homicide division. The 20th Circuit currently boasts a dedicated Traffic Homicide division that is staffed by three experienced assistant state attorneys, including Mr. Stark. The 20th Circuit has developed an E-warrant system significantly cutting the time it takes to obtain a warrant and allowing traffic homicide investigators to collect evidence, especially blood evidence, as quickly as possible.   The Prosecutors of the Traffic Homicide division work closely with traffic homicide investigators throughout the 20th circuit to build strong triable cases and protect the motoring public.

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