Leading from All Levels

Leading from All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-06-21
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There is more to leadership than just the title and prestige of the people. In its truest essence, leadership does not require a title but entails selflessness and perseverance to utilize one’s influence to create positive change in others and the unit they are leading.

Halcyon Frank is the instructor for this webinar where she unpacks what leading from all levels looks like. Halcyon has spent over 7 years in emergency communications, developing and facilitating trainings on dispatch skills, as well as supervisory and leadership-related topics. She is currently the Director of Training and Development for the Denise Amber Lee Foundation.

Specifics Halcyon dived into in this session include:

  • The basic definition of leadership and what leading from all levels refer to – not just within your team but across all directions and organizations that are critical to the success of the mission or the task at hand.
  • The two types of leaders that emerge in the workplace and the difference between the two.
  • The value in informal leadership that isn’t defined by a title, but is driven by organizational goals, and powered by modeling, encouraging, and connecting.
  • Qualities, actions, and values that indicate informal leadership.
  • The concept of subtle influence that informal leaders tend to establish within their purview by leading by example and demonstrating knowledge and skills.
  • Maxwell’s five levels of leadership – the characteristics of each and how they manifest.
  • Practical tips to improve leadership skills by:
    • Engaging in honest communication that is open to others’ ideas and encourages a two-way feedback system.
    • Fostering personal and professional growth, and cooperation instead of compliance.
    • Maintaining a positive attitude and understanding everyone’s motivation and their “why”.
  • Guidelines to effectively lead at any level by:
    • Finding and creating opportunities to improve processes and assist others – including superiors – in tasks and responsibilities.
    • Stepping up and leading proactive efforts on a project and making an impact through your contribution to the people you work with and the agency as a whole.
    • Honing on empathy by checking in and connecting with the people you work with.
    • Being clear on goals – both yours and the people around you.
  • Reasons and benefits to cultivate leading from all levels as it generates buy-in at all levels, shared responsibility, growth, cooperation, and self-management versus compliance.
  • Acknowledging the importance of constant and effective collaborations through people that lead from all levels to ensure successful organizational outcomes.

Topics raised during the Q&A segment of the webinar are about:

  • Handling challenging and resistant employees.
  • References and resources to improve the ability to lead at any level.
  • Readiness for a leadership role and its responsibilities.
  • Leading in a remote work setting.
  • Taking on an informal leader role in the field without seeming to step on others’ toes.
  • Preparing the next generation for leadership roles.
  • Working as a supervisor for a team that has more experience than you do.


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Audience Comments

  • “How leadership is not top to bottom but across the board and anyone crucial to the team is a leader on all levels.” — Moika
  • “Everyone’s voice matters from new/younger employees to the seasoned veterans.” — Rana
  • “John Maxwell is my favorite author too. I Liked that she mentioned Maxwell’s five levels of leadership especially #5 Pinnacle, showing what you represent and who you are.” — Rita
  • “The most valuable thing I learned was the types of leaders (formal vs informal), and being the go-to employee who is a leader even though I am not identified as such based upon my position type. We are all leaders!” — Debra
  • “Great insights and suggestions!!! I especially liked the topic of collaboration vs. compliance.” — Angelina
  • “I really liked the list of “How can I Improve my Leadership Skills”. It wasn’t just of a list of other trainings.” — Kathy
  • “Halcyon is the best speaker and presenter! I hope you do have her for future presentations! Thank you so much.” — Kim
  • “All of the information was very helpful and interesting! thank you! Great and knowledgeable presenter!” — Gina
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