Leadership Reset: Setting Goals for the New Year

Leadership Reset: Setting Goals for the New Year
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-01-18
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As the new year rolls in, we often try to figure out ways to make it a little better than the previous one. People gravitate towards new year’s resolutions and the “new year, new me” mindset which more often than not, entail massive changes. These look good on paper and are only executable given perfect circumstances but aren’t always sustainable for the long haul when reality hits, speedbumps come our way, and the motivation wanes. This webinar shares effective strategies to make meaningful changes that can withstand the push-and-pull and wear-and-tear of daily life.

Leading the webinar is Brenda Dietzman, one of Justice Clearinghouse’s beloved resource speakers. She has almost three decades of criminal justice experience and currently provides training and presentations on a diverse set of topics including leadership and resilience all over the world. She helps organizations and individuals become better through her evidence-based solutions.

Specifics that she discussed in this session include:

  • How we can always improve ourselves and how our quest for perfection sabotages our efforts when our focus should be progress.
  • The importance of discernment for leaders to be effective.
  • How new year’s resolutions and big goals may seem counterintuitive when aiming to make lasting changes as leaders and even in our daily life.
  • How tiny habits, incremental changes, and small decisions made daily leads to the ultimate goals we’re shooting for and the ways to monitor our progress.
  • The five-second rule when making decisions, the four types of boundaries we should be setting, and what these look like.
  • How setting boundaries benefit others and our relationships with them, not just ourselves.
  • The different areas we must maintain curiosity in for us to grow, improve, and develop a better awareness of our behavior.
  • The tools and resources to utilize to support and maximize our curiosity.
  • What emotional intelligence is and its five domains.
  • Improving emotional intelligence by labeling our emotions which then allows us to better troubleshoot and respond to what comes our way
  • What mindfulness is, what it looks like, and how it can make a difference in our lives in terms of our priorities and paving our path towards growth and improvement.
  • The practice of creating triggers for mindful behaviors which allows us to assimilate mindfulness into our daily routine.
  • The art of living intentionally that compels us to begin with the end in mind by planning, setting, and fulfilling our intentions.
  • The value in trying new things to awaken our minds and learn different perspectives and things.
  • How 10 minutes a day can create massive changes in our lives once compounded.
  • The questions to reflect on as we navigate our lives and developing our path to accomplish our goals and to dream, plan, write, pursue and live a great story.

Questions raised by the webinar attendees are about:

  • Facilitating others’ growth by setting boundaries.
  • Figuring out what is bringing joy and what is triggering.
  • Building boundaries in the workplace where people have worked together for so long and have relied on one person to be the expert.
  • Leading a team with limited knowledge of the tasks entailed in their role.
  • Motivating people who are not open to motivation.


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Audience Comments

  • “The presenter was very informative. She provided good information and kept my attention the entire time.” — Kara
  • “My favorite idea from this webinar was to “respond not react”, this wisdom would be beneficial in any situation.” — Mandy
  • “I loved the simplicity of the 5 goals for the year. Even though I “know” what they should be, I appreciate how Brenda broke them down into bite sizes that I can instantly apply and not just wait for some random opportunity.” — Amy
  • “The emotion wheel is a very valuable tool that I can use. This was a great training. I will definitely listen to the recording because there were some important nuggets that I want to revisit.” — Sheri
  • “Great tools on mindfulness and positivity. I love Brenda, thank you so much !! Excellent presentation!!” — Nicole
  • “All of it – this was fabulous. I will especially come back to snippets of wisdom such as “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” and try to remember to always make failure safe for people. Thank you so much!” — Linda
  • “So many leadership courses I have taken over the years are about leading others. This was so valuable because it’s putting the focus back on yourself and how to take care of yourself.” — Kelsie
  • “Benefits of setting boundaries–points 1-6 with bonus quote. Thanks, JCH and Brenda.” — Gina
  • “In as little as 10 minutes a day, I can make small changes that could add up to big results including happiness and personal (or job) satisfaction. LOVE Brenda! She has been a wonderful mentor.” — Barbara
  • “Can’t pick just one. I just feel encouraged and inspired. Have been experiencing burnout. Thanks for having such an incredible speaker for us!” — Tressa
  • “There were so many valuable things that I learned from this Webinar! Even though I don’t have an official title I can still be a leader. Also, I have a space where I have the power to choose my response to a situation.” — Rita
  • “How to be a better person to myself and as a result of doing so, I can be a better individual to others. I have already made a goal or resolution to work on for 2023 to be happier and live a more fulfilled life for myself. This webinar was a perfect fit to start my year with and to motivate me toward my current goals. Thanks so much. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead and I look forward to the journey with you all this year.” — Leigh
  • “Brenda is an amazing and engaging teacher. There were so many valuable lessons in this lecture. Personally, I liked the portion that discussed the importance of setting boundaries. Balancing wellness with professional responsibility and success is tricky and I appreciated how Brenda shared tips for finding the right balance. I also really loved the emotion wheel. I can see this being a very effective tool. I look forward to learning more from Brenda in the future.” — Jenny
  • “This whole webinar was fantastic! I really like to take a webinar from Brenda, she is practical but full of so much knowledge and presents the information in such a great way. I love everything about this presentation!” — Dena
  • “The most important thing for me was at the very beginning of the presentation, “My Why.” I believe that once we figure this out, other things will fall into place much easier. Thank you.” — Dana
  • “This was a nice well organized presentation. I appreciate the shared handouts and I got a lot from the emotion wheel. Thank you!” — Christa



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