Effective Leadership During a Crisis

Leadership During Crisis
Effective Crisis Leadership
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded July 18, 2017
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Leadership during crisis is complex and is most needed in any situation where failure is not an option and there is the potential for extremely negative results. A crisis leader must be engaged before, during and after a crisis and requires that a person consider the totality of systems (aka the bigger picture). During this course, Dr. Jeff Fox will discuss how effective leadership during crisis will integrate an Incident Command System with specific  skills that a leader must learn to be effective.

Dr. Fox will discuss how a crisis leader must:

  • Be an effective communicator by clearly articulating strategy and being a careful listener;
  • Set the tone through both example and conduct in what is likely an emotionally charged climate. As Dr. Fox states “There is a time for tears, and there is a time not for tears. There is a time to grieve, and there is a time not to grieve. We have to maintain control of our emotions during the chaos. We have to help our people maintain and control their emotions during the chaos.”
  • Clearly establish their vision and values and leverage these as a rallying point;
  • Be caring by demonstrating a sincere interest and genuine respect for others;
  • Learn how to manage their own emotions and feelings;
  • Become decisive by identifying the facts, making a decision and moving on.

Dr. Fox also briefly discusses that preparation and pre-planning for a crisis is essential. Ideally, this planning will begin with a self-assessment followed by an organizational assessment that focuses on the available human resources and their readiness. He closes the session by discussing how to recover and rebuild from a crisis and the need to focus on both mental and physical health.

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