Launching Your Social Media Program

Launching Your Social Media Program
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-01-29
Unit 1Slide Deck: Launching Your Social Media Program
Unit 2Workbook: Launching Your Social Media Program
Unit 3Recording: Launching Your Social Media Program

While social media is viewed as nothing but an avenue to kill time for most people, it has evolved into playing a critical role for institutions – from private companies to public service agencies. People are now consuming information online and in-demand. Social media allowed brands, mass media, and government agencies to reach their audience real time.

This session, Corey Yunke of the Roseville Police Department joins Justice Clearinghouse to talk about leveraging social media for a police department. His professional experiences run the gamut from working at a Fortune 100 Company, a non-profit and his most current role as the Community Relations Coordinator for the Roseville PD.

Corey unpacks the process of and considerations in launching an effective social media program for an organization. Some of the points he discussed are:

  • An overview of Roseville, Minnesota to provide a context of the community that Corey represents on social media.
  • The purpose of the social media program that is aligned with the city’s and the police department’s mission and vision.
  • The goal to provide potent and relevant communication to the residents and visitors of Roseville.
  • The scope and limitation of the role that considers the capacity and time that may be dedicated to the social media program.
  • The types of posts intended to go out through social media.
  • Identifying your audience, determining what their needs and wants are, and considering how they will construe any communications sent out.
  • The available resources to your organization that considers:
    • Time devoted to maintaining social media profiles that involve research, proofing, engagement and procuring content.
    • Identifying a dedicated person or team that are trained in data privacy, writing and current events with access to the accounts to ensure consistency with how communications are delivered.
  • Getting started with your social media program that looks at:
    • The specific social media platform to utilize and the options available and what their specific strengths are.
    • Choosing an account handle or name and profile photo and background that best represents the agency.
    • Privacy settings that set the limits as to what the public can access and alter.
    • Notifications settings to determine the amount and type of information that you want to be alerted about.
    • Defining and regulating who will be given access to post to the social media platforms.
    • Generating organic followers for genuine engagement and getting media outlets to push your messages.
    • Social listening and determining who are the people that your account must listen to.
  • Examples, tips and best practices on law enforcement social media management that highlights:
    • The characteristics of the most popular and least popular posts.
    • The importance of proofreading and how proper grammar makes all the difference in establishing credibility.
  • Audience questions are about the social media posts’ compliance with public records laws and handling offensive comments on social media.



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