Kevin  Armbruster

Kevin  Armbruster (Ret.  Lieutenant)  retired from the  Milwaukee  Police  Department after 29 years.  Kevin is currently assisting the  US  DOJ,  Office of  Justice  Programs,  Bureau of  Justice Assistance as a  contractor through his work with the  National  Police  Foundation.    During  Lt. Armbruster’s career, he has worked for various Special Operations groups focusing on narcotics, gang, and organized crime investigations.  As a Detective for 18 years, Lt. Armbruster worked in the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the ATF Task Force, Homicide and Violent Crimes units. Lt Armbruster also supervised the  ATF, FBI, and  US  Secret  Service  Task  Forces.   In addition,  Lt. Armbruster created and lead the operational units of the Milwaukee Police Department National Integrated Ballistic Identification Network (NIBIN) program to combat the increased violent crime in the area.  The utilization of social media mining, cell data, NIBIN, offender targeting (ATF Task Force), and intelligence strategies, resulted in the arrest of targeted arrests of violent criminals and recovery of violent crime evidence to proceed further in court. Kevin has also presented at the US  Department of  Justice/ US  Attorney’s  Office  Conference on  Violent  Crime and  Gang Conspiracy  Reduction  Techniques,  the  Midwest  Organized  Crime  Conference, and  Wisconsin Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Summit.  He has received the Chiefs Excellence Award from St. Paul Police Department for Violent Crime Reduction and dismantling a national violent crime organization responsible for over 130 shootings.

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