Kelly Krenzer

In August of 2010, Kelly Krenzer’s life took a tragic, devastating turn when her 20-year-old son, Chris, was killed by an impaired driver. Losing Chris brought her family to their knees. There really are no words to express what a victim goes through. One year after Chris’s death, the man that killed Chris pleaded guilty and was sentenced. It was at this time Kelly first became involved with the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM). She started sharing her story at the Winnebago County Victim Impact Panel and became a fundraising volunteer. In 2013, Kelly accepted the job as an AAIM advocate and has been serving Winnebago, Boone, and McHenry counties ever since.

Kelly has dedicated herself to being a voice of calm reassurance and source of strength over the past nine years. Her true passion is helping victims at a time when they are the most devastated, vulnerable, and lonely. She is able to bond instantly over the shared loss and finds comfort in letting other victims know they are not alone.

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