Kate Silhol

Kate Silhol is Chief Information Officer and XML Guru for Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network.  Kate has a great deal of experience in developing XML specifications for the Nlets community and has been responsible for the development of the GJXDM and NIEM conformant specifications for all Nlets transactions, including the creation of XML instances, stylesheets and schema definition. Kate is the official XML point of contact for Nlets.  She is a leader in her field with a comprehensive understanding of XML and both the GJXDM and NIEM reference models.  More importantly, she has learned how to implement these models in practical real-world implementations.

Kate was a former member of the Advanced Technology System’s Public Safety Team and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University as well as a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from University of Illinois.  Kate and her family moved from Northern Virginia to Phoenix to join the Nlets staff in December, 2004. Kate is a key member of the XML Structure Task Force, the NIEM Business Architecture Committee, the NIEM Curriculum Development Team and the NIEM Focus Group.  Kate is not only Nlets’ XML expert, but during the course of the Criminal History Information Exchange Format (CHIEF) Project became the nation’s “Transformation Guru!”

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