Karyn Rasile

Karyn Rasile is a registered nurse with 28 years clinical experience and who has been a forensic nurse examiner since 2000. During her career as a forensic nurse examiner, she has performed over 2000 medical forensic examinations on patients of all ages who were victims of sexual assault, (including victims of sex trafficking) and domestic violence, strangulation, suspects and victims of aggravated assault She is a member of multiple state and national work groups and has consulted with many programs both in and out of AZ, including Canada, on program policy development and sustainability. She is an expert in the field of interpersonal violence and has worked with Prisons, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Services, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Justice NIJ and multiple military organizations in addition to her widespread work in Arizona. 

Karyn has extensive experience as a presenter/trainer/consultant to healthcare providers, law enforcement, attorneys, advocates, judges, crime labs, students, and many other community partners on responding to sexual assault; including sex trafficking, and domestic violence. She is also experienced in trial testimony and has testified as a fact-based, expert and a blind witness in sexual assault and domestic violence/strangulation cases over 100 times in federal, state, military, civil and tribal courts. In 2015, she began working as a forensic nurse consultant and the majority of her work is with defense attorneys as a member of the trial team. She prides herself on her non-biased, fact-based review of medical records and medical forensic examinations and testimony.  She is experienced in program review and development, quality assurance, peer review, forensic nurse training.  She is a member of multiple state and national work groups. 

Besides her bachelor’s degree in nursing, she possesses her master’s degree in education and a post- master’s certificate in Advanced Forensic Nursing from Johns Hopkins University. She has been awarded the AFN-BC and SANE-A certifications and is a member of IAFN, AAFS, and ENA.

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