Josh May

Sergeant Josh May is a 17 year veteran of the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Police Department, currently assigned to the Organized Crime Unit where he supervises the Gun Team, a unit that utilizes ballistic forensics to link shell casings to guns, guns to people and people to crimes. Before conceptualizing and bringing the Gun Team into existence, Sgt. May served as the Focused Deterrence Coordinator from 2015-2018. This position headed up the CPD’s portion of the Violence Reduction Initiative, which uses targeted enforcement (heavily relying on intelligence led and data driven policing techniques combined with social network analysis) on the main perpetrators of violence within the city.

Prior to promotion, he was assigned to the Crime Suppression Unit from 2009-2014 where his responsibilities include providing intel for the Violence Reduction Initiative (VRI), upkeep of the gang validation list, organizing and presenting classes and presentations to various organizations as well as performing daily functions of the Crime Suppression Unit (proactive patrol, gang member identification and prosecution, etc).  Josh has also worked in Fox and George teams, serving as a field training officer (FTO) from 2005-09.

Josh is a member of both the TNGIA (Tennessee National Gang Investigators Association) and NGIA (National Gang Investigators Association) and has been all over the country teaching classes on gangs and focused deterrence methods. Josh also served with Chattanooga Police Department SWAT Team for 8 years from 2007-2015.  He is a 6 time “Chiefs Coin” recipient, 2013 Life Saving Award winner and both the 2017 Optimist Club Officer of the Year and the 2017 CPD Chiefs Award. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, he holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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