Joe Barton, Ph.D.

Joe Barton joined Randall County in 2013 filling a new position as Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health.  Joe led the team of counselors on a daily basis as well as Functional Family Therapy, oversaw the Next Step Home transitional living facility, helped develop program curriculum for the long term post-adjudication residents in the Youth Center’s Constructive Living Unit, in addition to developing the program curriculum for residents at the Next Step home and PRIDE—Randall County’s drug intervention and education service.

Joe was appointed to Chief Juvenile Probation Officer of Randall County by the juvenile board in August of 2015 and transitioned into the position October 1, 2015.  As Chief, he is the Administrator of the Youth Center of the High Plains, an 86 bed pre- and post-adjudication facility.  The programs of this facility have helped raise the bar in positive therapeutic programs in juvenile justice facilities, and have been successfully replicated in other facilities.

Joe received his doctorate in psychology in May of 2016. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-Supervisor).  Professionally, Joe has several years of clinical experience within a medical school setting, as well as his former private practice.

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