Job Satisfaction: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Morale and Reducing Stress with the Employees in Your Organization

Job Satisfaction: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Morale and Reducing Stress with the Employees in Your Organization
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-09-24
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Job Satisfaction

Research shows internal organizational issues is the number stressor for police officers. Factors such as an outdated command structure, unwillingness to change, and doing things “the same way,” lead to officers being more stressed out and contributing to the decline of their mental health. This webinar will introduce you to the basic tenets of job satisfaction. You will learn strategies on how to effectively measure and improve morale in your organization, and strategies to effectively manage them for the better. You’ll learn:

  • The tenets of Job Satisfaction.
  • To understand the basic premise of each of those motivating factors.
  • To systematically introduce and improve morale in your organization.


Resources and Handouts


Audience Comments

  • “Dr. Obed Magny was engaging. The content that he presented was good and relatable. He shared concepts that are easily applied in the workplace. Mahalo.” — Bridgette
  • “Everything about all that Obed had to say was perfect insightful and just great.” — Aynsley
  • “How important it is to improve morale and reduce stress with the employees in an Organization so that there can be a better workflow and increase the positive relationship with the community. Very practical and informative!” — Beverley
  • “The personal role and responsibility leadership has to the employees’ job satisfaction and retention Good presenter!” — William
  • “Loved the energy! Loved the compassion and passion for LEO work and self care! Will definitely be reaching out about resources for organizational stress and how to manage that! Awesome job Doc!” — Jeri


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