Jihad as Terrorism

Jihad as Terrorism
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded January 25, 2017
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As the tip of the spear, officers, first responders and our military are always the ones who respond to, and deal with terrorists first. But Jihad and Terrorism are terms that have become muddied through different forms of use, and the very politically charged times we live in.

Whether you were at the World Trade Center on 9/11, watched the news coverage of any number of bombings around the world, or have been the first to arrive on a mass casualty scene, for most of us, the question of terrorism is often one of the first thoughts that cross our minds.

But what does terrorism – and specifically Jihad as terrorism – mean? And how does it play a role in mass incidents for the average first responder?

This webinar will focus on:

  • Understanding the nexus between Radical Islam(Jihadists) and terrorism.
  • Defining jihad and the ideology (religious doctrine) in which it is rooted.
  • Examining jihad from a historical perspective as well as from a tactical standpoint.
  • Analyzing jihad as an art and form of war.
  • Exploring active and passive forms of jihad which have far reaching consequences.

Ultimately, this webinar will discuss why it is critical that we clearly understand the ideology and motive(s) behind jihadist terrorism and why we must develop sound doctrine and strategies to defeat this globally aggressive movement.

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