Jed Stone

With over 20 years experience of working in UK policing, Jed Stone has performed roles as the Head of ICT and CIO within mainstream policing and managed the delivery programme for the design and development of the UK Counter Terrorism intelligence system used prior to, and throughout, the 2012 Olympics. Jed has led the delivery of national CT intelligence development standards; national intelligence indexing standards; and national CT data review, retention, and disposal standards. He was also instrumental in the design and working methods used within a multi-agency intelligence Siege/Hostage and CBRN intelligence cell. Since leaving the Police and as a director of Issured, Jed has managed the UK’s National Police Chief’s Council’s Digital Intelligence and Investigation (DII) programme and now capitalises on Issured’s collective experience in security and defence to develop innovative new products and services to support Law Enforcement and other industries.

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