It’s Not the Person You Think It Is: Identifying Your Most Prolific Shooters

It’s Not the Person You Think It Is: Identifying Your Most Prolific Shooters
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-09-17
Unit 1 Slide Deck: It’s Not the Person You Think It Is
Unit 2 Recording: It’s Not the Person You Think It Is

Many law enforcement agencies identify their most dangerous offenders as older offenders with lengthy criminal histories.  Crime gun intelligence like NIBIN has shown that the most prolific shooters tend to be younger males with little or no prior convictions.

Firearms also change hands often within criminal groups and organizations making crime gun intelligence even more vital to reducing violent crime. Sources of firearms to young offenders are largely through theft but there is a growing trend toward straw purchases. Partnerships with local firearm dealerships can lead to the identification of potential straw purchasers.

The webinar participant will learn strategies to identify and target their most violent offenders.  A holistic approach to crime gun intelligence along with social media and electronic communication device exploitation is a must.


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Audience Comments

  • “The systems approach was to me valuable. Thoughts are: it was practical, detailed, descriptive, analytical, investigative common sense, statistical bases, investigative procedural steps, the importance of coordinated efforts among agencies, and integrated use of information/intelligence sources. Offers a foundation for an internal SOP.” — Bill
  • “Law enforcement should have more awareness and adaptability to an ever-changing criminal’s profile. There is no one box to fit your typical criminal in, be it age, gang-related, motives, etc…. I thoroughly enjoyed Police Chief Hyche’s presentation.” — Vicki
  • “David Hyche has always been a great presenter. They are entertaining and I always walk away with something. I’d like to participate in anything where he’s involved. I work 922g cases for ALEA in AL and assigned to the US Marshals Gulf Coast Task Force David mentioned. The topic of eTrace and how crime guns are connected through NIBIN is always fascinating and I hope more people tune in to that fact. It helps solves crimes.” — Steve
  • “A very good overview of the entire process from both the ATF and local PD perspective… Good ideas to consider and points to ponder… Very much looking forward to the next related session!” — Seve
  • “One of the best webinars thus far. Thanks, very informative.”  — Michael
  • “The author appeared to be very well versed on his subject matter. … Well done!” — KIM
  • “Full of great info and common sense/truth statements that many people just won’t say. LOVE THIS.” … — Katharine
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