Is Mission Creep Killing Your Agency?

Is Mission Creep Killing Your Agency?
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-06-30
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When we try to be everything for others is often when we end up delivering a little less than our optimal output. This is particularly true for public agencies where a level of focus and mastery is required to keep the community we serve satisfied.

Adam Leath is back on Justice Clearinghouse to talk about mission creep and how their agency is managing their services and people’s expectations while preventing mission creep from seeping in. Adam is the Director of Volusia County Animal Services, where he leads the investigative and response efforts for animal victims of natural disasters and animal cruelty cases.

Points discussed in this webinar are:

  • Developing and identifying the agency’s mission to help the staff and the public recognize the scope and limitations of services being offered.
  • What mission creep is, its etymology, and how it manifests in organizations.
  • Instances how mission creep transpires in the animal welfare arena due to urgent needs, lack of delineation in terms of the species served, the organization’s services, and the stakeholders involved, among others.
  • The factors to consider before deciding to own up a task that is outside the core mission.
  • Operating under pressure through swift prioritization, leveraging collaborations, and referring back to the mission.
  • The value in a data-driven approach to better gauge an agency’s accomplishment of its mission.
  • A look into how Volusia County Animal Services was able to apply the concepts discussed to prevent mission creep by ascertaining their logic model goals, subgoals, target population, expected output, activities, and resources.
  • Volusia County Animal Services’ outcomes establishing how the approach allowed them to be efficient, effective and focused on their mission thereby hindering mission creep within the agency.
  • Avoiding mission creep by ensuring the mission is focused, solves unmet needs, leverages unique skills, guides decision making, energizes and inspires, anticipates changes, and sticks in the memory.

Some of the points raised during the Q&A are:

  • The software used to keep track of agency data.
  • Using data to establish boundaries in terms of the agency’s capacity to better accomplish the mission.
  • The process to accomplish Volusia County Animal Services’ logic model goals tables.


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Audience Comments

  • “The best part about the webinar was that agencies should develop areas of competence and expertise in responding to, or even better, preparing for, the wide range of animal problems presented, figure out what each does best, and develop a strong coalition between and among each other so that the community’s problems can be addressed and perhaps even solved efficiently, effectively and compassionately. This was a super presentation – thank you!” — Elizabeth
  • “Generally looking for mission creep avoidance; this was a great example of how to apply general ideas to a particular agency/organization. I would like to see more on Mission Creep topics in general.” — Kelley
  • “I loved the evidence-based aspect and the explanation of the work that it took behind the scenes with the statistician and other personnel to make the data easy to understand!” — Patience
  • “The presenter was on point and very knowledgeable about the Mission Creep killing Your Agency. Enjoyed Webinar.”  — Regina



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