Innovation in Policing: C3 Policing and the Eight Building Blocks for Healthier Communities

Innovation in Policing: C3 Policing and the Eight Building Blocks for Healthier Communities
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-06-22
Unit 1 Recording: Innovation in Policing

In today’s Policing…who will lead effectively with courage and results? In this politically-charged climate of defunding police, C3 Policing is a proven effective community-based policing model that empowers patrol officers and builds authentic partnerships with community members in hard-hit crime areas. The C3 officer becomes part of the fabric of the community through our unique training in the areas of leadership, long term planning, community outreach, team building, identifying root causes of complex problems as well as building credible solutions. We accomplished a true partnership by, with, and through the community. Let us help you build a healthier partnership and communities.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why C3?
  • C3 Policing & 5 Essential Tasks
  • Eight Build Blocks to Healthier Community
  • How C3 Policing unit operates
  • C3 Training


Audience Comments

  • “With policing in a negative light right now, this was an innovative way to stay involved and give the community the opportunity to see what we really do and help us on the front line.” — Tracy
  • “This is one the most interesting webinars I have watched. Great job.” — Ronald
  • “With engagement throughout the Webinar and throughout Springfield communities, the C3 presenters exemplify ways proactive, even preventive, efforts can match concern with collaboration and capacity, so homes are no longer battle zones.” — Philip
  • “I really liked the idea of having the police work more directly with community partners and business leaders to provide additional opportunities for those in impoverished communities.” — Megan
  • “PLEASE repeat this webinar!!! This project must be implemented in ALL high-crime areas!! Choosing the officers with the right temperament is the start to a successful program. Thank you!” — Roseann



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