Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy: The Most Important Thing Is…

Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy_ The Most Important Thing Is…
Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded March 13, 2018
Unit 1Slide Deck: Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy
Unit 2Webinar Notes: Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy

On the heels of the Parkland shooting, people are demanding accountability and asking what legislators are doing to mitigate this malaise. At the law enforcement front, gun crime intelligence is put into the limelight. It’s been all-hands-on-deck as the various agencies collaborate towards resolving the issue. They’ve been employing different strategies, innovating and maximizing technology to get results. ULTRA Electronics Forensic Technology is one of the innovators in the forefront of crime gun intelligence.

We have four speakers for this Justice Clearinghouse webinar. First is Ron Nichols, an expert Firearm and Toolmark Examiner, who provided the prologue and recap to the subjects discussed. John Romeo of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shares a Large-Scale State Model of how NIBIN was utilized. Jason Brando of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office provides a look into smaller-scale Model. Finally, Jeff Goudeau from the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory looks at it from the point of view of the crime laboratory.

The webinar discusses how to effectively solve gun crime problems through the active collaboration between various agencies. Detailed discussions by the four presenters were given in the following areas:

  • Statistics surrounding firearm-related deaths in comparison to motor vehicle deaths and the innovations employed that resulted in the decline of vehicle-related deaths.
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement‘s large-scale state model
    • The agencies that contribute and partnered with them for the program.
    • The challenges their department experienced that drove them to pursue their Rapid FIRE (Forensic Imaging or Recovered Evidence) program.
    • The process they put in place to resolve the issues and challenges they experienced before.
    • What their department did to ensure that their program would be successful through mindset change, resource allocation, policy revision, and increased local participation.
    • A comparison on the difference on the level of productivity.
    • The methods and key components to increase the local agencies’ participation.
    • The challenge of accounting for the work and an example of the extent different agencies contribute in the process.
    • The success of the program as evidenced by the decreased backlog numbers and what their plans are to fortify the program.
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services Bureau’s smaller-scale model for their gun intelligence program.
    • Their objectives to alleviate the challenges they experience within their jurisdiction.
    • The policy and solution that they decided to implement in response to their challenge and objectives.
    • The budgetary considerations to launch the program such as the lab ammunition, safety equipment, shooting range/tank, logistics and location, among others.
    • The considerations involved in the availability and training of the workforce.
    • Standard Operating Procedures they set in place to ensure reports, worksheets and other supplementary documentation are clear, and follow-ups are done.
    • The results of the program that reduced crime and increased intelligence as exhibited in their success story case studies.
  • The implementation of similar programs as seen from the point of view of the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory
    • The case that led to establishing the importance of maximizing NIBIN and the creation of the EBRVCU.
    • The different agencies involved and participating in the initiatives of the VCU.
    • How the creation of the unit opened up communication lines among various agencies.
    • The keys to success of the program that includes proper training, ownership, prioritization, and communication.
    • How the Louisiana State Police got help from part-time retired employees through the WAE program.
    • A case study that shows the effectivity of the initiative.
  • A summary highlighting the significance of innovation, maximizing technology, delegating responsibilities, collaboration and communication.
  • Questions raised by the webinar attendees are on the following areas:
    • Communication issues experienced.
    • Request for worksheets and/or templates.
    • Funding for smaller agencies.
    • Budget for the WAE personnel.
    • Unforeseen expenses related to launching the program.
    • Changes in policies.
    • Accreditation programs.


This webinar was sponsored by Ultra Electronics Forensics Technology.  Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology is a leader in forensic analysis providing innovative and effective solutions like its unique technology: the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS®). IBIS is designed to find the “needle in the haystack” by discovering matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases at speeds well beyond human capacity. Forensic Technology helps experts obtain timely information so they can make society a safer place. 

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