Infographic: Does Preparation Equal Prevention? Why Prepare for an Intruder Response Incident

"I never thought it would happen here."

So often, after a mass casualty event, people respond that they are shocked that such an incident could happen to them, the location where the shooting happened, or in a community like theirs. But if we have learned anything in the last 20 years since Columbine happened, is that no place — not a baseball game, not a job site, not a school, not even a place of worship – is immune or safe from intruder's intent on murder.  Our best choice is to prepare and plan for such events.

Check out this infographic that highlights the things Mark Warren of Strategos International shared during his webinar, including the three phases of incidents, the types of intruders and the reasons why all organizations need to take time to prepare.

Preparation Equals Prevention Active Shooter - Final Infographic




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