Increasing Your Bounceability: Ways to Build Resilience Every Day

Increasing Your Bounceability: Ways to Build Resilience Every Day
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-04-09
Unit 1Slide Deck: Increasing Your Bounceability
Unit 2Workbook: Increasing Your Bounceability, Ways to Build Resilience Every Day
Unit 3Recording: Increasing Your Bounceability, Ways to Build Resilience Every Day

What the whole world is going through right now is testing all of us – from the government’s decision-making to things that we have better control of like our discipline, awareness, creativity, and resiliency. Tough times can either define or transform us, and this is what Dr. Kimberly Miller aims to impart in this session.

Dr. Kimberly Miller is a Justice Clearinghouse regular and is a renowned speaker, consultant, and trainer. Through her strength- and relationship-based approach, she facilitates individual and organizational change through workshops and coaching.

Points Dr. Miller unpacked on this course include:

  • Understanding the underlying reason why we have difficulties bouncing back.
  • The different types of challenges we face and the crush events that unexpectedly put us off-track.
  • Intentionally practicing realistic optimism by:
    • Fostering positivity and perseverance as we engage, cope and move on.
    • Focusing on things that we can control and our goals.
    • Making good choices and preparing contingency plans.
  • Telling a better story out of our experience and current situation and how this empowers us to make better choices and control our narrative.
  • Negative feelings: The reasons why we have them, navigating through them, and how to use it towards positive action.
  • Letting go and forgiving: The process, the challenges, and the lessons and value in it.
  • The different ways people cope, avoiding negative coping mechanisms, and how to help others based on the type of coping they use.
  • Leveraging our relationships by talking to trusted, honest and supportive people in our lives as a means to build resiliency.
  • The importance of setting boundaries to practice kindness to ourselves and prioritize our well-being.
  • Self-care as a means towards resiliency by practicing mindful choices on what we do and consume, who we interact with, and where we get information from.
  • The power of silence in its ability to improve our brain activity that results in better self-reflection, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, and resilience.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • How the methods to build resiliency can help prevent and negate burn out.
  • Examples of what crush events are.
  • Finding the value in pain and other negative experiences.
  • The importance of doing the inner work to get through grief and loss.
  • Teaching the concept of resiliency to youth and teens.


Resources Mentioned During this Webinar


This is Webinar is part of a 4-Part Series


Audience Comments

  • “How to try and look at what pushes buttons and set a way to react. This was an unbelievably timely talk. Thank you.” — Anne
  • “The importance of being flexible to bounce back from any tragic event in our lives – such as a death, disability, even a world-wide pandemic such as the COVID19 we are ALL facing today. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!” — Ana
  • “I really enjoyed it. There were multiply skills/ideas that I would love to utilize. I believe I can make some real changes to help myself and those around me based on some of this information. I feel more motivated to make it happen. Thank you.” — Brenda
  • “This was an excellent webinar. Very informative and practical for everyday life.” — Beatrice
  • “Fantastic! Pertinent! She has a nice speaking voice. She goes at a good pace. She has lots of information and is passionate about this topic. This Webinar should be mandatory for all helping professionals, especially because of how COVID-19 has impacted the way we do our jobs. Mahalo.” — Bridgette
  • “This was excellent. Dr. Miller did a great job and I have signed up for her next webinar. Thank you!” — Colinda
  • “I liked how the presenter set the stage by asking us “what do I need” from this presentation and also “what can I do to help others.” She asked several other meaningful/challenging questions throughout the presentation that helped personalize and apply what she was teaching. well done.” — Gail
  • “About changing your story. Very insightful had never thought about it that way. Thank you this was the perfect topic for the times and going forward.” — Gail
  • “This was my favorite webinar so far- a lot of the webinars are great, but include a lot of things that I think are common sense. This webinar provided useful information for both personal use and use with clients. It made me think about how I handle situations in my own personal life and how I could improve to be more resilient (& stop dropping anchors).” — Jessica
  • “It was simple and easy to follow along, but i connected on so many levels. Often it is the simplest solutions that can have life changing impact, we may just not have been been taught those tools. This webinar offered so many ideas and things to start implementing on a personal and professional level.” — Janet
  • “Her information was so AMAZING. I’m so glad I registered for this webinar. I gathered some valuable tips for myself and others!!! Hope to view another one of her webinars!!” — Yolonda



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