I’m Promoted, Now What? Things to Consider from Day 1 to 365

I'm Promoted, Now What? Things to Consider from Day 1 to 365
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-11-15
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When looking to promote, the role doesn’t always come with a manual. The job description may provide guidelines and requirements which may be too general or vague, but the nitty gritty involved in the work? The tendency is to learn that as you go along. Jonni Reddick leads this presentation to unpack a comprehensive scope of topics to familiarize with so that you are prepared and have a better understanding of the scope of the role when you get promoted.

Jonni is a retired Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). She is a 29-year law enforcement veteran who’s worked in disaster response and critical incidents and held all uniformed ranks. She is an adjunct professor for the University of San Diego (USD) Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership (LEPSL) Master’s Program and is currently a public speaker, coach, consultant, author, and CEO of JLConsultingSolutions.

Specifics of her discussion include:

  • Understanding the landscape of promotion beyond the examination process and the availability of transitional training for newly-promoted supervisors.
  • The importance of having a built-in support system, emotional readiness, work-life integration, and understanding of the leadership role and the responsibilities for newly-promoted individuals.
  • Preparations to do and expectations to set for day one in the new role in terms of your emotions, the workspace, the people you work with, and what you should be able to get done.
  • A rundown on the different concepts and areas to look into, reflect on, examine, and assess on a daily basis as it relates to the people you work with and lead, the administrative role, and operations.
    • Managing your time and building up your motivation to be able to make yourself available to and engage with others.
    • Investing in your people through job satisfaction and recognition efforts.
    • Working on creating and maintaining an environment free of discrimination but likewise holds people accountable for their actions and performance.
    • Taking occupational safety and injury and illness case management into account to ensure everyone remains in safe working conditions to perform job functions and is provided with support and engagement should they be injured or ill.
    • Looking into risk management by considering liability and steps to mitigate or prevent these.
    • Examining the regular operational responsibilities in terms of timekeeping, overtime, budget and grants, facility, fleet management, property and equipment as well as citizen complaints, OSHA compliance, evidence, collective bargaining, and strategic planning.
  • The areas of leadership worth reviewing periodically – monthly, weekly, all the time, and at specific times within the first year of promotion.
    • Conducting monthly catch up and recognition to connect, acknowledge and provide feedback.
    • Doing monthly mentoring or coaching sessions to shape new leaders, and assessments on what could be improved and lessons learned.
    • Having a monthly or quarterly administrative review of reporting responsibilities, expectations, and work performance.
    • Brushing up on and setting up procedures and quality checks to court-related matters such as reports and testimonies that people tend to get in trouble with.
    • Constant attention to operational functions such as callouts and notifications to ensure everyone is prepared for different situations and informed in relevant matters.
    • Things to focus on in the first 4 months such as developing patterns and practices, fostering collaboration within the team, dealing with common issues, navigating conflicts and hard conversations, working across generations, building trust with your superiors, and assessing your own vulnerabilities.
    • Considerations for the 9th and 12th month in the new role that highlights the importance of being proactive by seeking training for skills enhancement and preparing, helping staff by examining their workload, providing options to lighten the load where possible, and reviewing crisis you’ve managed thus far.
    • An overview of the Five Bs to handle a crisis when a crisis that emphasizes the importance of awareness as it related to one’s mindset, the situation, critics, compassion, and self-care.
  • Additional areas and responsibilities to look into such as emergency management, the law, and policy that is the source of your role and authority, training, fiscal accountability, technology, community relationships, and succession planning
  • The two things to prioritize as a newly-promoted leader – minimizing blind spots and building and nurturing relationships.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Striking balance and ensuring healthy boundaries when you’re a one-man band.
  • The structure and content of the memorandum of expectations.
  • Keeping people motivated and healthy despite staffing issues.
  • Deciding to demote.


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Audience Comments

  • “Listening is a valuable tool. New topic: Dealing with employee negative attitudes.” — Tammy
  • “Excellent speaker with a solid background. Thank you for sharing.” — Waqar
  • “I Liked how it was broken down into different portions of your first year.” — Kendal
  • “The whole training was informative.” — Kimberlye
  • “I don’t know where to start. The information was so crucial for me to know and cultivate.” — Malinder
  • “She talked from the beginning of the promotion and what should be looking in a year’s time. This webinar was excellent, it applies to different organizations.” — Rebeca



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