Human Performance Optimization: Caring for your Team

Human Performance Optimization: Caring for your Team
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-04-19
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Law enforcement is experiencing obstacles at both ends of the employee life cycle – the profession is no longer as appealing as it used to be and law enforcement professionals are leaving their jobs at a rate that is much faster than they can be replenished. Staffing challenges are also exacerbated by days lost due to injuries – be it physical, emotional, or psychological – that are part of the nature of the job. With this in mind, Mandy Nice and Joe Dulla, shares how human performance optimization (HPO) programs can alleviate these existing issues.

Mandy and Joe are both Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) CRI‐TAC. Mandy has over 15 years of experience developing and implementing physical fitness and wellness programs for tactical professionals and civilians. Meanwhile, Joe has served in various first responder roles, sworn ranks, and assignments and co-founded the Fast Track Tactical Sports Medicine program that implemented rapid diagnostics, sports medicine, and other concepts to address pain and rapidly return injured personnel to duty.

Specifics discussed in the webinar include:

  • The importance of prioritizing HPO given the current staffing challenges in the law enforcement field.
  • Efforts undertaken by the military to identify their needs in terms of force sustainment and optimization.
  • The critical role of HPO in ensuring the effectiveness of tactical personnel which ultimately positively impacts them as individuals and the organization’s mission as a whole.
  • The cutting-edge efforts and concepts employed by the US Department of Defense (DOD) which looks into injury reduction, fitness, operational physical effectiveness, and the evolving operational picture.
  • Examples of HPO programs, the population they are meant to serve, their characteristics and important components, how they work, and the circumstances the programs are deemed to be beneficial.
  • Considerations when adopting these efforts and concepts
    • The importance of looking into the concepts of the different sample HPO programs and using these as a roadmap to your agency’s own program.
    • Incorporating the HPO program components in the sense that is most applicable and practical to your agency’s needs.
    • Look into what is existing within the agency that can have measurable results.
  • The four key pillars of successful HPO programs – it must be a holistic, multidisciplinary and evidence-based approach and must be supported in terms of funding and buy-in from across all levels of the organization.
  • Cohesion that looks into having defined goals, objectives, and metrics, the ability to evaluate and measure success through data, and the costs involved to acquire, train, and maintain personnel.
  • Integration that highlights the importance of recognizing underlying constructs when implementing HPO programs and only integrating tools, technology, and equipment to enhance the outcomes.
  • Different agencies that implement some form of an HPO program, its focus, the resources and manpower integrated into the program, the processes involved, and their outcomes.
  • A rundown of recommended resources to assist organizations in designing and implementing a holistic, multidisciplinary, evidence-based, and effective HPO program.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Integrating existing peer support teams and leveraging their experience and insights towards creating a comprehensive HPO program.
  • Embedding the HPO programs into in-service trainings instead of making it into a binding or punitive requirement.



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Audience Comments

  • “The most important thing I take away from the webinar is, the importance whole health and willingness plays in the lives of first responders.” — Willie
  • “This helped me conceptualize the large picture or strategic vision necessary for wellness and how it can be prioritized.” — Mikelshan
  • “The resources, the coordination of the webinar between two SME’s. Information was pertinent, practical and very excellent for what our team is experiencing.” — Melissa
  • “The webinar was incredibly helpful and provided insights as to how better optimization will lead to higher retention and satisfaction in the workplace.” — Isabella
  • “The total health concept was really great. I really enjoyed hearing how law enforcement has begun to take steps to improve health and wellness by following some of the things that the military are doing.” — Chris
  • “The importance of building a program around the employee, rather than creating a general program and making the employee adapt to the program.” — Andrew
  • “VERY, VERY SME’s – Subject Material Experts – excellent instructors! You answered my questions with the best of the best practices. You’ve ‘been there, done that’. You know what works and what doesn’t work. To safely optimize human performance, this program must be part of the culture of every law enforcement agency.” — Roseann
  • “This webinar provided the base and great examples to consider wellness in the workforce. Like the presenters said this is not the whole program however, great examples.” — Brion



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