How Women Rise: Breaking and Creating New Habits for Success (Part 2)

How Women Rise: Breaking and Creating New Habits for Success (Part 2)
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-04-14
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This is the second installment of Jonni Redick’s two-part webinar series How Women Rise. The first part looked into perfectionism, people-pleasing, waiting for others to see you, social relationships over networking, not developing allyship, and not having a vision for your career as the top reasons keeping women from achieving career goals. For this session, Jonni talks about the six other habits and how women can overcome these towards their success.

Jonni Reddick is a 29-year veteran, who rose through the ranks from a county clerk worker to becoming the first female captain of the Contra Costa California Highway Patrol (CHP) Area and retiring as the assistant chief with the CHP. She also led coordination and response for various critical incidents, civil disturbances, natural disaster response, and mutual aid events.

Specifics of this session include:

  • A brief recap of the concepts and the six habits discussed In the first part of the series.
  • The second set of habits preventing women from achieving their career goals with action items on how to reflect on their presence in one’s life and managing if not overcoming them.
    • Hesitant to claim your wins: The barriers women face and internal factors preventing them from claiming their wins.
    • Minimizing: How this manifests physically or through language, how women do this almost unconsciously, and the importance of recognizing it and awareness when it happens.
    • Being the expert: The other facets of the professional experience that women tend to miss on and not be acquainted with by focusing on expertise.
    • Too emotional: How emotions aren’t inherently a negative attribute, the ways women self-monitor their responses in fear of being seen as too emotional, and the value in acknowledging how emotions can impact mindset.
    • Rerunning the tape: Women’s tendency to not move on, ruminate, and beat themselves up over things that already happened, how this inhibits positive outcomes and utilizing cognitive reframing to deal with this.
    • Distractions, yours: The various sources of distraction and how the inability to filter these impacts our ability to pay attention, be present in moments, and be effective and inspiring as leaders.
  • How these 12 habits tend to occur concurrently with each other.
  • Positive actions to foster that may replace and act as a vehicle to break these negative habits.
  • The importance of mindset, acknowledging, identifying, and unpacking these habits, self-reflection to align with one’s goal and purpose and enlisting the help of others to accomplish these goals.
  • Leveraging self-compassion in the efforts to break these negative habits and working towards one’s success.


Points clarified during the Q&A are about:

  • Claiming wins without coming off as taking credit for a team effort or bragging.
  • The value in taking assignments or opportunities that you may not be primarily interested in.
  • Including the people we support and mentor as part of our accomplishments.
  • Sharing and managing one’s emotions in the workplace setting and recommended resources on this topic.


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Audience Comments

  • “Excellent speaker and topic.” — Robert
  • “Key things to remember about ourselves, ways to contribute to self-compassion. Great webinar!” — Kaleena
  • “Everything about it: topic, psychology, biology, reality, honesty, rigor, encouragement. I’ll be looking for all Jonni’s webinars.” — Gail
  • “How Women “minimize” in their discourse and body language. And take-away was Journal, and List your Wins, set Healthy Boundaries for oneself. Great tips!” — Christina
  • “Before this webinar, I knew I had a lot of these habits that were mentioned but I felt like I was in a position where I was stuck and did not know how to break them. This webinar really showed me how to dive deeply into each one and overcome them in a healthy way.” — Nikki
  • “The most valuable thing I learned today are I’m not the only emotional female when I get upset, and they I have to rock the boat every once in the while to make my presents known.” — Michele
  • “The insight on distractions and how to break that and other unhelpful habits; reminding us to have self-compassion, and urging us to just start somewhere and with one thing at a time. Wonderful presentation and inspirational.  Thank you!” — Mary
  • “Great presenter with a strong ability to connect with the listeners in a realistic and meaningful way!” — Dennis
  • “I didn’t realize that so many women experience these pitfalls and negative mindsets about themselves. I always feel like I’m the least confident woman in the room. I will definitely be looking at the replay of this webinar and the previous webinar than accompanies this one to pick up any gems I’ve missed.” — YOLANDA
  • “I had to miss the first part, so I truly appreciate Jonni giving a review and I am so glad I made it for this second part. The information I received today, when applied, will help me deal with some challenges in my personal as well as my professional life. I’m so grateful. Thank you!” — Toyya
  • “I really enjoyed this webinar. Great presenter and her discussion is backed up with experience from all levels of leadership! Thank you!” — Brenda





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