How Women Rise: Breaking and Creating New Habits for Success (Part 1)

How Women Rise: Breaking and Creating New Habits for Success (Part 1)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-04-05
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In this day and age where equality between genders is highly upheld in society, there is still an apparent gap in terms of the number of women working in the law enforcement profession especially those in leadership positions. In this webinar, Jonni Redick explores the research-supported reasons keeping women from achieving career goals.

Jonni Reddick is a 29-year veteran, rising through the ranks of county clerk worker to executive leadership. She was the first female captain of the Contra Costa CHP Area and retired as an Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). She served as incident commander for multiple critical incidents, civil disturbances, mutual aid events, and natural disaster response coordination and oversight.

Specifics of her discussion are about:

  • How we define failure based on our lived experience, belief systems, and values
  • Fear of failure: The different reasons behind it, and how it correlates with fear of shame, disappointing others, and our tendency to self-sabotage.
  • Considerations and reminders when dealing with fear of failure that highlights:
    • How failure is inevitable, the value of recognizing our fears and the emotions surrounding it.
    • Acknowledging our limitations and focusing on what we can control and prepare for.
    • Celebrating small wins and thinking positively while also recognizing the worst-case scenario.
  • What automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) are, how our neural pathways make them possible, how they impact different facets of our lives, the most common ANTs we wrestle with, and how to combat these.
  • The subjective nature of success and how we can be the ones keeping ourselves from succeeding.
  • How self-limiting behaviors put us into a position of stuckness and keep us from succeeding and ways to recognize if you’re stuck.
  • Barriers keeping women from rising in their careers and beliefs that shape women’s resistance to change and the potential for success.
  • The first six habits preventing women from achieving career goals, how to overcome these, and points to reflect surrounding each one.
    • Perfectionism: How society’s expectations led to it, how it impacts risk-taking and decision-making, ways to overcome it, and discerning between perfectionism and striving for excellence.
    • People-pleasing: How it distracts women from advancing professionally and weakens their ability to make clear decisions.
    • Waiting for others to see you: The value in being our own ambassador, marketing what we’re capable of, and how to do this.
    • Social relationships over networking: The difference between how women manage their social relationships versus how men would and how it influences professional outcomes.
    • Not developing allyship: The benefits of allyship, the difference between mentors, coaches, and sponsors, and each one’s role in fostering career advancement and success.
    • Not having a vision for your career: The value of a vision, the two critical qualities of your vision, and realizing it through a career development plan and competency building.

Questions raised by the webinar attendees are about:

  • Whether just one person can play the roles of mentor, coach, and sponsor.
  • How and where to best find mentors or sponsors.
  • What a pitch is, what should be included in it, how to do it, and an example of which.
  • Learning to respectfully say no.


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Audience Comments

  • “Excellent webinar. A good challenge for me to take action on career advancement steps such as identifying a sponsor and a mentor. Thanks for the excellent content and presentation!” — Sheila
  • “The speaker was wonderful! “How we are is how we lead and how we rise,” a great intro to start the seminar for self-introspection. Many nuggets of wisdom and information in this presentation.” — Vonda
  • “I found the specific science-backed information, tips, and quotes most valuable.” — Amber
  • “I appreciate the women-focused lens! We have different challenges and it’s awesome to have not only validation but also a plan to grow. I really look forward to the exercises to complete before the next webinar. Thank you, Jonni!” — Kristen
  • “The 6 habits to break helped to motivate me as a female to look at what I am doing that can be holding me back. Also, this helped provide some courage to express a desire for a promotion vs waiting for someone to recognize me.” — Gabrielle
  • “WOW! This speaker, Jonni Redrick, was incredibly easy to listen to! I enjoyed the topic, and also the light-hearted ease with which she speaks, yet so full of experience and knowledge. Thank you!” — Corinna
  • “I valued the transparency and honesty about the challenges women face. It was refreshing to hear that I was not the only one experiencing most if not all of the Habits! The self-care and self-motivating tips (personal and professional) were great! I’m looking forward to putting them to work before [Part 2’s webinar]!” — Tyesha
  • “The exercises she suggested! This was a really great webinar! Loved it!” — Brenda
  • “I liked the polls, they let me know there are others in the same boat as me. I liked the professionalism and knowledge of Ms.Redick, she is an engaging presenter. I also liked the references to other materials, books, and articles that she mentioned that I can read to follow up with.” — Dina
  • “This was superb and helped teach me some tips for how to be positive and proactive about my own future career by believing in myself and seeking out support among those I know. Thank you so much!” — Mary
  • The exercises she suggested! This was a really great webinar! Loved it! — Brenda




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