How to MASTER your Self-Confidence: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals

How to MASTER your Self-Confidence: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2023-01-19
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Do you struggle with self-confidence? Do you have certain areas in your life that you are just not as confident with? Do you wonder how some people seem to be just brimming with self-confidence? This webinar will unpack self-confidence, how it is different from confidence, and how it is a skill that can be developed and mastered through practice.

Join Marc Hildebrand in this motivating exploration of self-confidence and how it can impact the different facets of our lives. Marc is a Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department. He used the struggles he had to become healthier and thrive in his career and his family life. He is now a motivational and inspirational resource for his fellow law enforcement officers to succeed in their goals be it in their career, health, or family.

Marc’s discussion covered:

  • How to get the most out of the resources we consume by implementing a step or two into our daily routines.
  • A glimpse into Mark’s struggles and how they propelled him to make changes in his life by working on himself including his self-confidence.
  • Differentiating confidence from self-confidence based on where these are grounded on pulled from.
  • The two possible outcomes when we practice self-confidence and do something new – to either succeed or grow from the mistake/failure.
  • The role of our intention and motivation despite fears in self-confidence.
  • The value in discerning between our emotions and how it impacts our reality to generate self-confidence.
  • How confidence is created in the subconscious mind which highly depends on our experiences and upbringing which then creates thoughts, and beliefs.
  • Examples of thoughts that may prevent us from developing self-confidence.
  • The benefits of self-confidence in our goal-setting, problem-solving, decision-making, risk-taking, relationship-building, self-belief, and accomplishments.
  • Understanding the two basic functions of the brain and how these together can result in self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from taking action and trying new things.
  • Overcoming the self-limiting beliefs by recognizing that our negative feelings, particularly fear, are just things that happen in our body and can be overridden.
  • The importance of finding a new story that counteracts our self-limiting beliefs to drive us to take action.
  • A list of new positive stories that focus on our strengths, purpose, and potential that can help us be in charge of our self-confidence.
  • How doing things that scare us gives us the greatest opportunity to develop and increase our self-confidence.
  • Additional steps to take to effectively assimilate self-confidence into our lives and better help others through and influence others with our self-confidence.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Marc’s self-confidence level, and how he works on continually improving this.
  • Seeking honest, specific, meaningful, career-developing feedback from direct superiors.
  • What to do when self-confidence is misconstrued by colleagues as arrogance.
  • How long before any observable benefit is noticed upon adopting the recommendations provided in the webinar.
  • Recommended resources on self-confidence.


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Audience Comments

  • “What others think about me is 100% about them. I need to tell myself this daily. This webinar was by far the best one that I have attended. Thank you for making my day.” — Ray
  • “I like that being responsible is important and helping others is necessary.” — Symie
  • “Very positive speaker. I will check out his youtube and podcast. How our brain works to keep us safe and we need to work on our self-confidence.” — SHARON
  • “That I am not alone. What I have experienced, stepping into a leadership role at my job is completely natural, and I’m not really the imposter that i thought I was. Thanks, Marc. — Amanda
  • Great presentation Marc…thank you!” — Barbara
  • “The host was extremely engaging in sharing his life and professional career experiences and his current goals in switching to a different career as a life coach. Truly awesome! I really enjoyed this event, and it goes to show that we can be determined to changing our lives and careers that will provide family/life balance that is suitable for our lives!” — Michelle
  • “I appreciated the part of taking those risks and if you fail, so be it. You will become better along your journey. And the podcast recommendations.” — Miranda
  • “Live Into Your Future really resonated with me. Great presenter, will be viewing his podcasts from now on. Thank you for providing this opportunity!!” — Nicole
  • “The presenter was great! Very energetic, very informed. Looking forward to putting into practice what I learned today.” — Ana
  • “I thought the presenter did a good job. He gave me good insight and reminded me as to why I may not have full confidence at times when I’m learning something new that’s outside of my comfort zone. And what let us know what we can do about it in sense of fixing it.” — Junell


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