How Public Safety Can Utilize LTE During Planned Events

How Public Safety Can Utilize LTE During Planned Events
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-09-22
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The scope of law enforcement has broadened. Their responsibilities range from catching the bad guys and putting them behind bars, managing at-risk individuals from posing hazards to public safety to connecting people with appropriate social workers and mental health providers, and providing support in large-scale events just to name a few. Between all the hats they put on in their job, the role of an effective communication system powered by top-notch technology is critical. It is the difference between safety or danger and life or death for the people they swore to serve and protect.

This session is the third of Cradlepoint’s four-part webinar series on the use of LTE connectivity zeroing in on the use of the technology to planned events. The speakers are Cradlepoint’s Michael Fletcher and Jason Johnston. With 21 years’ experience as a first responder, Michael is currently the Public Sector/Public Safety Manager of Cradlepoint, leading their efforts to provide the best solutions for first responder agencies. Meanwhile, Jason is the Senior Enterprise Support Engineer for Cradlepoint in-charge of the technical aspects in the design, deployment, and maintenance of mobile data terminal (MDT) solutions.

Specifics they tackled on this webinar are:

  • Considerations when planning events that will require multi-agency support.
    • The value of having a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place to lay out the assignments and responsibilities of everyone involved.
    • Securing a mobile operations center adjacent to the event with all the logistics and resources needed by the individuals assigned.
    • The importance of having the cellular capability to serve the needs of both responders and the crowd.
    • Establishing solid primary and back-up communication channels to ensure reliability.
  • Elements to take into account during the event.
    • The presence of in-vehicle solutions and mobile offices stationed in and around the event to maximize response time to calls for service.
    • A robust communication system that allows information-sharing among those assigned and will serve as backup to the event.
    • A glimpse into the solutions that Cradlepoint in partnership with public safety agencies employ for these events.
  • How Cradlepoint can provide the infrastructure to support these needs during planned events as the leader in LTE cellular connectivity.
  • Cradlepoint’s features of secure communication, scalable options, reliability, tunable to needs, and future-proof solutions.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • The value of having dual-carrier capability.
  • Elements to integrate and take into consideration when drafting a policy related to LTE connectivity and related technology.
  • Privatizing channels specifically for use of public agencies.
  • Whether 5G technology can support body cam streaming.
  • Common challenges faced when deploying Cradlepoint technology.
  • The timelines of 5G rollout in certain communities.


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Audience Comments

  • “Great webinar by a very qualified presenter. LTE technology is of utmost importance these days with COVID and especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re relying on technology to carry out duties that we used to do face-to-face. “It is great to know that the multitasking abilities of this technology are immense you can respond to the officer-involved shooting while doing a community planned event etc. great webinar looking forward to do more of these types of topics.” — Marie
  • “All of the information was new to me. It was very interesting.” — Patricia
  • “It’s the way of future communications.” — Robert
  • “The most valuable thing I learned from this webinar is public safety. I have no additional feedback for this topic.” — Ekaete
  • “Good information to have! Thank you.” — Kathy



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