How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management

How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2018-08-30
Unit 1 Workbook: How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management
Unit 2 Slide Deck: How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management
Unit 3 Recording: How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management

Cliché as it sounds, change is really the only permanent thing in life. Most think of the learning curve and the disruption when change happens, but with change also comes innovation, access to new things, and a chance to improve the status quo. This is especially true when it comes to new technology – specifically those that allow its users to easily access new and advanced information and insights.

Julie Ward from DXC Technology’s Regional Business Development and Joe Alexander, DXC’s Solutions Consultant joins the Justice Clearinghouse webinar to discuss the DXC Technology, Eclipse. DXC Technology offers solutions that may be used by various public safety and criminal justice agencies to maintain and store data, manage their day-to-day affairs, and provide intelligent and actionable data-driven insights to improve their operations, strategies, and decision-making.

Julie will be giving an overview of the technology while Joe demonstrates its capabilities. They detailed on the following points:

  • A brief summary of DXC Technology and DXC Eclipse discussing the scope of their work, the market they serve, the services they provide, and merits received.
  • A snapshot of DXC’s Justice and Public Safety experience, introducing their Offender360 solution and how it can benefit law enforcement, probation and correction agencies and address their challenges.
  • The technology’s capability to integrate multiple and disparate sources of data.
  • How Power BI can intelligently capture, track and compare trends and different types of information.
  • The different type of reports that may be generated using their solutions that will allow a variety of forms.
  • A live demonstration that will illustrate how the technology processes data to come up with:
    • Dashboards visual representations
    • Detailed drilldowns and lists
    • Canned default reports
    • Overview summaries
    • Easily configurable ad hoc reports
  • Mobile access to data that is critical in ensuring real-time response, accuracy, and integrity of information.
  • Predictive analytics and intelligence that provide valuable insights that can help an organization with decision making.
  • The challenges and fears that organizations have related to adopting new technology.
  • Julie and Joe answered the attendees’ inquiries related to:
    • Integrating an agency’s existing system with DXC technology
    • Configuring the permissions and accessibility of reports
    • Using the system to provide existing reporting requirements
    • The learning curve and training needed to be versed in the system
    • Scenarios where the technology was utilized to impact real-time operations
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