The History, Beliefs and Symbols of the White Nationalist Movement

What Law Enforcement and Justice Professionals Need to Know about White Nationalist Groups
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded October 19, 2017
Unit 1 Slide Deck: What Law Enforcement and Justice Professionals Need to Know about White Nationalist Groups
Unit 2 Recording: What Law Enforcement and Justice Professionals Need to Know about White Nationalist Groups
Unit 3 Webinar Notes: The History, Beliefs and Symbols of the White Nationalist Movement

A few months ago, the whole of the US was shaken as protesters marched in Charlottesville, carrying torches, chanting “White lives matter”. This was a scene that we all thought had been buried in the past. The Unite the Right rally raised awareness that apparently, White Nationalists, White Supremacists, racists – whatever you might call them – are living with us in our present society. Detective Brent Smith of the Mesa Arizona Police Department has worked with gangs, and in his 16 years with the Mesa PD, he’s done undercover work with White Nationalist groups. He is now the lead instructor for Mesa PD’s gang training, and what he will share with us on this webinar are practical information law enforcement must be trained with about the subject of racism and White Nationalism.

According to Detective Smith, what distinguishes White Supremacists from the typical gang is, they are motivated by hate. While a typical gang does violence, causes destruction and different transactions for money, White Nationalists are driven by an ideology that is rooted in hate and espousing anti-authority sentiments. Further, unlike your usual gang, White Nationalists are educated and trained – with prescribed readings – to embrace the ideologies of the movement.

Below are the topics that Detective Brent Smith deep dived on:

  • The beginnings and history of the white power ideology and movement tracing back to the civil rights movement.
  • The nazification of the White Nationalist movement after losing the civil rights battle.
  • The earliest organizations founded and established.
  • The anti-Semetic theory perpetuated which reinforced the movement’s cause.
  • David Alan Lane and his critical role in the movement by writing the 14 Words and the 88 Precepts which serves as the movement’s rules and guidelines.
  • How the ancient religion of Asatru, and the Aryan and Norse culture was used by the movement to promote white consciousness.
  • The methods being done by these movements to obtain support through prison outreach and other propaganda.
  • The different symbols, imagery, and representations being used to spread their message and identify membership to the movement.
  • The origins and meanings behind the symbolisms.
  • Numerous groups that exist currently furthering the White Nationalist principles.
  • The profile of the members of these groups.
  • Various techniques and events these organization employ for members’ recruitment and engagement.
  • The George Lincoln Rockwell University and the movement’s training program that includes a comprehensive course packet.
  • The extensive publications produced by the movement’s leaders and serves as the guide for their members’ lifestyle.
  • How the movement serves as a danger to cops with their anti-law enforcement and anti-authority sentiments.
  • The importance of understanding that this is not an issue limited only to a specific area, or just the US.



88 Precepts

Blood and Honour Field Manual

White Man’s Bible

SPLC Hate Groups Map



White Revolution | American Nazi Party


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