Harmony Goorley, MA, LCPC, LSOTP

Harmony Goorley has over 10 years of Correctional Behavioral Health Experience in the field.  She earned a Masters of Forensic Psychology with a Concentration in Corrections. She later became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider, and Certified Correctional Health Professional. Early in her career, she provided intensive addiction recovery services and residential treatment to severely mentally ill persons. In 2005, she began working with individuals on the autism spectrum, honing her skills in behavioral therapy. By 2015, Harmony co-developed the first autism-specific treatment program for sexually violent men on the autism spectrum. This pioneering program was the first and remains the only one of its kind. She continues to speak nationally on the subject, educating professionals on the importance of creating autism-responsive correctional facilities. During the last decade, Harmony also worked as a Program Coordinator for a residential facility, improving the needs of its residents and maximize the competencies of its behavioral healthcare staff. She has also elevated the mental health and behavioral health programming in multiple county jail systems and Illinois’ civil commitment facility for sexually violent men. 

Harmony also serves as a technical expert for Falcon Inc., providing high-level correctional behavioral health know-how to jails and prisons. As a Falcon expert, Harmony contributes to correctional magazines, penning progressive articles focusing on the needs of offenders on the autism spectrum, exercising principles of social coaching to build collaborative and impactful relationships with offenders, preventing sexually aggressive behavior perpetrated against staff from prisoners, and accelerating the rehabilitation process through enlightened facility design. Harmony is also known as a knowledgeable and high-energy presenter, speaking nationally on a variety of topics on optimal standards of correctional practice.


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