Growing Your Career by Developing Your Brand

Growing Your Career by Developing Your Brand
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-02-16
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We all probably started out in our careers with some goal. But somewhere along the journey, the goal may start to blur, we might get sidetracked, finding ourselves meandering or worse, completely lost. In such circumstances, it is best to take it one step at a time to achieve your goal. Developing your personal brand can serve as the first step to growing your career and getting into that proverbial destination.

Brenda Dietzman is back for her fourth webinar with the Justice Clearinghouse to talk about developing your brand towards career growth. Brenda has more than 28 years of experience in law enforcement and corrections, retiring as undersheriff for jail operations for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout her tenure, she’s worked in different roles including deputy, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.

This session’s discussion dives into:

  • Identifying your personal brand by reflecting on two aspects of yourself – how you see yourself and how others see you – and finding its intersection.
  • Examining your brand reality by considering your characteristics, values, and seeking feedback from people closest to you.
  • One foolproof way to test your branding and ensuring authenticity by operating on the same values despite different circumstances.
  • Developing a Personal Mission Statement by focusing on one’s purpose and values to help us make better choices, and serve as a moral compass and foundation for life.
  • Establishing your career goals by scrutinizing the things you want to learn, experience, and accomplish in your career.
  • Resume vs. Eulogy: The difference in the life you live based on these two end goals.
  • A guide to growing your career by:
    • Being flexible and adapting to what life and work throws at you.
    • Gaining skills as you go through – not just for your career but for life in general.
    • Learning as much as possible – be it through formal or informal means.
    • Expanding your experience by doing something outside of your usual assignment or purview.
    • Network and build relationships with people and organizations that are value-adding in your goals and you can assist and support in return.
    • Finding a mentor and sponsor that can guide and advocate for you towards your goals.
    • Being unique yet authentic to remain unforgettable.
    • Volunteering in special assignments, training, and the community to broaden your experience and communicate your commitment.
    • Advocating for yourself by reaching out to people who can help you accomplish your goals, performing at the next level, staying true to yourself, and being proud of the work you do.
  • Preparing for retirement once you’ve hit the pinnacle of one career goal without forgetting your purpose and serving this same purpose in other areas of the profession or your life.

Points Brenda clarified in the Q&A were about:

  • Developing women as leaders in male-dominated fields and dealing with detractors
  • Handling burnout and the “mid-career crisis”.
  • Copyrighting and patenting original ideas.
  • Being stuck in a role you’ve specialized in.
  • Growing in one’s career through mastery, not just promotion.
  • Resources to refer to on the topic of career growth and personal branding.



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Audience Comments

  • “This was a fantastic and engaging seminar with a clearly passionate and knowledgeable presenter. BRENDA YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for the valuable and motivating information you shared today.” — Barbara
  • “I just think that this presenter is uplifting, down-to-earth, and understands a real agency perspective about the workforce. I have signed up for all of her classes and always feel motivated afterward, and it assists with my work. Especially after being a 24-year employee in an agency that only has one other employee that has been here longer than I.” — Cris
  • “The ideas presented are helpful for people developing their careers. I gained some insight that would be helpful in mentoring others.” — Darren
  • “Loved the webinar. Especially loved the activity of writing what you would want someone else to write for your retirement speech.” — Halcyon
  • “I learned that there are many ways I can brand myself and be a lifetime learner. This is helpful not only for advancement professionally but personally to help learn things and carry me in all aspects as a professional.” — Jabbira
  • “I particularly loved Brenda’s focus on prioritizing your personal life as part of your personal brand, rather than just focusing on yourself as a worker. I would love to hear her speak more on being valued in the workplace when you don’t want to be someone in charge – i.e. that rockstar worker of 30 years. I personally don’t have a desire to lead an organization, but I also don’t want to be seen as somebody with “no ambitions”. Thanks!” — Jessica
  • “I really felt like this webinar taught me how I could be the best version of myself not only in my professional life but personal life as well. — Kayla
  • “All of it was fantastic! Perhaps the most influential part was such a simple description of what my brand actually is.” — Kelly
  • “This was a phenomenal presentation I learned the basic skills of branding what goes into it. Leadership skills the purpose of finding a sponsor and membership also be willing to mentor. I learned that volunteering in the community is important. I learned that don’t retire from your calls just retired from your job. I learned core and key essentials and step-by-step instructions on how to build your brand. Also how people perceive you or perception of you from others and yourself. This was very informative.” — Marc
  • “I attend all of Brenda Dietzman’s webinars. She is an inspiration for women in law enforcement and gives advice and suggestions that are invaluable. Although I have considered it in the past, she has inspired me to work on my own mission statement.” — Pam
  • “This webinar fits exactly where I am – mid-career – right now. I think another webinar by Brenda on how to walk through the personal mission statement exercise would be very helpful!” — Penny


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