Get Your Drone Program Off The Ground: SGIs/COAs, LAANC, Situational Awareness At Your Fingertips

Get Your Drone Program Off The Ground: SGIs/COAs, LAANC, Situational Awareness At Your Fingertips
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-08-18
Unit 1Slide Deck: Get Your Drone Program Off The Ground
Unit 2Recording: Get Your Drone Program Off The Ground

Public Safety agencies around the world are embracing drones to help save lives and property – quickly evolving the way all types of Public Safety agencies and organizations operate. For these First Responders, Drone Programs need practical solutions that can be put into action right away.

In this webinar, AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, will demonstrate their NEW Public Safety UAS Solution – an all-in-one mobile application that puts automated SGIs, COAs, LAANC, Waivers, and Advisories, as well as Flight Planning, Situational Awareness, Video, Remote ID*, and Reporting at your fingertips – so you can fly quickly and safely. In addition, you’ll hear from large US Public Safety agencies with established and developing drone programs, who will talk about how to build a program, how to accelerate it, how to integrate it with other law enforcement, and how they’ve begun responding to emergency situations with drones.

Whether you have a drone program or are planning one and looking to get it off the ground, you won’t want to miss this key technology session.


*pending FAA approval


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Audience Comments

  • “Safe compliant drone use that allows agencies to fly quickly is a major requirement for a first responder drone program. AiRXOS has built the only purpose-built application for first responders using drones.” — Andrew
  • “Very informative information about Drones and the FAA compliance piece to getting a UAS program implemented.” — Bobby
  • “I enjoyed listening to the guys speak about COA’s and how drones are being implemented into public safety.” — Andrew
  • “This is an excellent product/program.” — Robert
  • “Great presentation on Drone readiness.” — Tangela
  • “Being very new to drones and their use in public safety,  the most informative feature was learning how much it’s regulated and gaining access to the resources to ensure that as a department we are operating safely and with the proper protocols in place.” — Travis


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