Generating Momentum: How to Create Change in Any Part of Your Life — and Protect It at All Costs!

Generating Momentum: How to Create Change in Any Part of Your Life -- and Protect It at All Costs!
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-07-21
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Looking to make a change but finding yourself not just quite going all in or unable to sustain it? What you just might need to truly make things happen for you is momentum. In this session, Marc Hildebrand shares the recipe on how to effectively create momentum to affect meaningful changes in your life and strategies to keep the momentum going and the changes and their effect lasting.

Marc Hildebrand is a Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department. His dedication to his career however led him to lose touch with his family until a life-altering event led him to get to the best shape of his life which allowed him to thrive in his career and be an amazing husband and father. He is now dedicated to showing other law enforcement professionals to achieve the same outcomes through his podcast Master Your Mindset with Coach Marc, his book Mastering Your Life Through Self-Coaching, and his courses.

Specifics of his discussion include:

  • What momentum is and how it makes things easier, applies in different aspects of our lives, can shift from one area to another, takes a lot of energy, and requires consistency.
  • Marc’s story – how his health and energy suffered and how the birth of his son turned things around for him.
  • The leaders’ role in creating momentum – not just for themselves but also for others.
  • The invisible elements that create the internal energy foundational in generating momentum.
    • Your holistic health journey that is precursor to creating momentum and lasting change.
    • Personal growth efforts that fuel your energy and create a better version of yourself.
    • The environment including the people, things, and ideas you spend time with and into.
    • Adventures and novel experiences that create extra energy and expands possibilities.
    • Your core values that guide your decisions and actions.
  • The concept of commitment, the central role of mindset to stick to it, and behaviors and mindset to maintain your commitment.
  • Questions to ask in terms of generating more energy and tapping into your commitment which looks into your habits and routines.
  • The value in remembering that you must separate yourself from the outcome, that it’s a science experiment and if one solution didn’t work, you just try alternate approaches.
  • The visible elements that support the creation and perpetuation of momentum
    • Working smarter, not harder, and employing the help of other people to accomplish more meaningful things.
    • Applying the 80/20 principle to prioritize the things that create the most output and impact in your life.
    • Not making the outcome mean something to you and how doing otherwise throws your energy, commitment, and momentum off course.
  • How the environment you’re exposed to, having a plan and a team, and tracking your progress are crucial in creating and protecting your momentum and making effective changes.
  • Things to reflect on in your journey to create momentum, and how to measure your success in creating momentum and making changes.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Marc’s Master your Mindset podcast and coaching services.
  • Creating momentum as an empty nester.
  • How to best work with someone dealing with depression.
  • Remaining positive despite pushback and rejection from those around you.
  • Finding a personal life coach.
  • Steering people towards an answer, conclusion, or direction.


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Audience Comments

  • “I needed to hear this very inspiring and motivating webinar today. I am going to follow up and listen to Marc’s podcast. I really did take away critical tools and help with a plan for motivation and action in not only my professional career, but also in personal endeavors. One of the best webinars I’ve listened to in 23 years of providing victim services. Thank you!” — Sylvia
  • “Very positive and uplifting especially when struggling to stay on top of things.” — Suzanne
  • “Consuming is great, but nothing happens without some sort of action!!” — Charlene
  • “One of the best speakers you’ve had!” — Detective
  • “Very good speaker.” — John
  • “It was important to get those reminders on how to organize life and to keep your core values in the forefront of your life, and how that will help you be a better leader for your work, family, and community.” — Ryan
  • “I would watch this again and again. Great thoughts.” — Michelle
  • “I learned some valuable tips on perseverance, dedication, and values.” — Scott
  • “Very inspiring. Need to commit to life changes and focus on making those changes for the impact it will have on the people you care about. Well done!” — Susan
  • “This webinar had so much good advice, presented in such a straightforward, simplistic manner, but the thing that has stuck with me the most is when Marc talked about recognizing what your best is each day. Sometimes my best is highly productive, but sometimes my best is doing the bare minimum. As a perfectionist and a completionist, I lose momentum quickly if I cannot achieve my vision for a task immediately. So I took Marc’s advice as permission to be realistic each day about what my best really is.” — Amity
  • “I felt that the explanation of the 80/20 concept was exceptional. I have heard of this same concept and even used it in different applications. However, explaining it as an overall tool for life in general as easy of a concept as it may seem, had never crossed my mind until it was explained this way. I personally feel looking at my life from this point of view will really aid in improving myself.” — Russell


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