Frank Webb

Frank Webb honorably retired from the Houston Police Department (HPD) after 36-years of dedicated service. Frank was the person most responsible for the development and implementation of HPD’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program. He has a reputation as a state and national leader in CIT training. Frank was selected by the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) at Sam Houston State University to teach all Texas police chiefs a state-mandated 16-hour CIT class, was selected by the Texas Commission on Law  Enforcement as the Discipline Chair of the committee that developed the original 24-hour CIT module for the Basic Peace Officer Curriculum, was the HPD’s expert witness regarding mental health, and has presented at state and national conferences, including presenting at three International Association of Chiefs of Police conferences.

Frank currently serves as Project Manager in the Special Projects Unit of the Patrol Bureau in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. In this role he oversees the HCSO’s involvement in their co-responder and virtual co-responder programs. He has the following degrees: Associate of Science in Law Enforcement, Bachelor of Science in Technology, and Master of Education.

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