Finding Your True North: Letting Your Purpose Guide Your Career

Finding Your True North: Letting Your Purpose Guide Your Career
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-01-18
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We may think that we just fall, stumble, and end up where we are right now. But there has to be a rationale behind our intentions, decisions, and actions. What were we trying to accomplish – in our careers and life? This session uncovers the idea of finding our True North and how to remain on this path.

This webinar’s instructor is Brenda Dietzman. She retired from her role as the undersheriff in charge of jail operations in Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office where she rose from the ranks having served as a deputy, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. Brenda is now a key resource speaker providing educational and inspiring presentations to individuals and organizations on topics of resilience and leadership,  among others. She is an internationally-certified IADLEST instructor and the CEO of Wayfinder LLC.

Specifics of this discussion are on:

  • The barriers hindering us from finding and living our true north and reasons why we shouldn’t let challenges faze us.
  • A glimpse into people who have lived their true north, the qualities they possess, and how they shaped the profession they’re in and the society they’re a part of.
  • The significance of living intentionally towards our true north and the three-step formula to live intentionally.
  • The value in developing a plan through a personal mission statement.
    • How it summarizes values and purpose, serves as a moral compass to be a better person, provides a foundation for life, and defines what it means to be our most authentic selves.
    • The elements that must be present in a personal mission statement and guidance on writing one.
    • Examples of personal mission statements from people who’ve successfully lived their true north.
  • Setting our intention in accordance with our personal mission statement and the difference between an intention and a goal.
  • The critical step of trusting ourselves to do the right thing at the right time, the right way for the right reason, and with the right heart.
  • Outlining the different resources that can support our mission and live our true north.
    • Fostering a personal growth mindset through education, relationships, and skills.
    • Promoting physical wellness through nutrition, exercise, and rest.
    • Developing emotional wellness through self-awareness and meaningful connections and support systems.
    • Building our financial health so it does not pose as a barrier from us becoming our authentic self.
    • Engaging with the different environments we are a part of.
    • Improving our career by learning skills, paving a career path, gaining experiences, and finding a mentor.
    • Cultivating a social circle that supports our mission and makes us a better version of ourselves.
    • Investing time in recreational activities that provide our lives a sense of meaning and purpose outside of work and home.
    • Nurturing our spirituality to live more mindfully in thought and deed, and hone into our core values, purpose, and mission.
  • How seemingly minute choices we make everyday can have incremental results in getting us to living our true north.
  • The importance of building up on the resources that support our mission in creating resilience which makes us stronger and better people.
  • The practice of preparing for the day and reviewing how the day has been and how this reminds us of our mission and prioritize accordingly.

Questions raised by the webinar attendees are about:

  • Seeking outside help to realize our life mission and sense of purpose.
  • Finding therapists that can best assist our needs as we work towards our life mission.
  • Building trust within ourselves by acknowledging and celebrating our wins.
  • Practices that can help support our life mission and provide us with the energy to live a truly great life.
  • Techniques to compartmentalize and balance our time between family, career, and serving the community.
  • How workplaces can help their personnel navigate grief and loss.
  • Intermittent fasting as a method to increase energy and focus and manage weight.

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Audience Comments

  • “The reminders and tips to trust yourself and to keep a positive mindset. The presenter was so positive and pleasant to listen to. Thank you.” — Ryan
  • “Your webinars are awesome.” — Pam
  • “Loved the energy and passion of the speaker, felt like I could apply a lot of what she said to my life.  — Mikayla
  • “Refreshing reminders of doing what ought to get done!” — Lina
  • “I like the concept of a curiosity journal. We all have so many thoughts and ideas and new concepts get thrown our way. The curiosity journal would be a great way to keep track of what you would like to research! I am not only a county employee but a licensed professional counselor and I love this idea!” — Lori
  • “This was a great topic to start out the new year! Thank you for the valuable tips and hope to see more webinars about this topic.” — Lila
  • “Great presenter, timely topic, and appreciated the information and practical tips!” — Kiersten
  • “I feel like I just went through a meditation session filled with grace and acceptance. Thank you, Brenda!” — Denise
  • “I enjoyed the webinar and Brenda Dietzman was an excellent speaker and motivator!” — Patricia
  • “This was the second webinar that I have attended by the same facilitator Brenda Dietzman and I really enjoy her positivity and informative knowledge to living in these fast hectic times.” — Reba
  • “This topic was very timely for me. It gave me an idea of where to start.” — Rebecca
  • “I LOVE these topics and this presenter!” — Detective



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