Finding Your Social Media “Voice.”

Finding Your Social Media “Voice.”
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-06-20
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Finding Your Social Media “Voice.”
Unit 2 Workbook: Finding Your Social Media “Voice.”
Unit 3 Recording: Finding Your Social Media “Voice”

From being a place in the internet where students merely kill their time to connect and meet people through their network of friends, social media has evolved into a one-stop shop for everything. People find themselves relying on social media for on-demand news, entertainment, commerce and just about any information or updates on anything of interest.  More and more public agencies are starting to recognize the role social media can play to disseminate public information, engage with the community within their jurisdiction, and even provide tips and leads to cases or investigations.

Roseville, Minnesota’s Corey Yunke is back on Justice Clearinghouse to share guidelines and tips on managing a social media page and the appropriate voice for its intended audience. Corey is currently the Community Relations Coordinator of the Roseville Police Department and is charge of the agency’s social media campaign.

Specifics that Corey tackled on this session include:

  • An overview of Roseville, Minnesota and the social media presence of their police department.
  • Defining what social media voice is.
  • The importance of maintaining a specific social media voice.
  • The ingredients of your social media voice – personality traits, tones, style/language that may change slightly depending on the content but alludes to one central voice.
  • Examples of posts from Roseville Police’s social media that feature the general voice that their agency assumes in the posts and the different tones that they may take depending on the content.
  • Examples of posts from two other Police Departments that decided to take on a different voice in their social media platforms and how effective these were in engaging their audience.
  • Finding and refining your agency’s social media voice
    • By being in congruence with the overarching mission of your organization or the city/county/area that is your agency’s jurisdiction.
    • Posting with a purpose, not just for the sake of posting.
    • Catering to your audience by studying the demographics and feeling the pulse of your audience on what they expect through simple surveys.
    • The importance of getting everyone within the social media team on the same page in terms of branding and voice through the use of tools, templates, style guides or even employing an editor.
  • Questions that were raised by the webinar attendees were about:
    • Which types of posts work best with specific social media platforms.
    • Roseville PD’s presence on Facebook and Instagram.
    • Convincing an agency’s leadership to adopt social media.
    • How the tone may change from one platform to another.
    • The nature and amount of work entailed for social media.
    • How to deal with mistakes or posts that end up offending some people.
    • The role of the social media editor.
    • Allowing more people to post content and maintaining the social media voice.
    • The categories of content, the split, and scheduling when these are shared.
    • The method to find and refine your agency’s unique voice.


Audience Comments:

  • “Your presenter was well informed in social media and its techniques to make it work. Thank you.” –Wendy
  • “I liked seeing the examples of how the RPD uses social media to convey information to the public and the suggestions on finding the appropriate “voice” for your agency and the individual post.” –Rebecca
  • “Great reminders and input into how to manage your image and social media.” –Phyllis
  • “Gives me better understanding of law enforcement issues with social media when I am teaching PIO classes.” –Ed



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