Fentanyl and First Responder Safety: Myths vs Reality

Fentanyl and First Responder Safety: Myths vs Reality
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-02-03
Unit 1 Recording: Fentanyl and First Responder Safety

Fentanyl and drugs containing fentanyl are the leading cause of overdose deaths in America.  Law enforcement officers are encountering this deadly drug with increasing frequency during traffic stops, on calls for service, and while conducting searches of homes, business and jail facilities.  This presentation will discuss the danger of fentanyl and how to safely conduct presumptive tests in the field to determine if the substance contains  fentanyl.  The rapid and safe identification of fentanyl by law enforcement officers in the field is the first step to safely collecting and processing that critical evidence.


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Audience Comments

  • “The test strip demonstration was very nice! To be able to see it in action really helped to see how it could be useful and possibly life-saving.” — Syreeta
  • “Good information overall, I think you can always learn from any situation. There is no doubt these gentlemen know what they are talking about. The test kits provided could be a great resource…” — Stacey
  • “The topic was relevant and important in today’s society. Thank you for the presentation! — Rebecca
  • “I actually wouldn’t have thought about the hand sanitizer helping Fentanyl absorb in the skin. Good to know in these Covid times.” — Michael
  • “A very informative presentation on Fentanyl. The speakers were knowledgeable and I appreciated the demonstration visual provided.” — Lisa


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