Feedback about Our Speaker, Duane Bowers

Duane Bowers always has such incredible insights to share with the audiences… but today’s webinar, Working with Survivors’ Need for Control, was just incredible:

โ€œI always say that if I learn one or two key things from a training, then it was a success! You can hear the passion in this presenter. Easy to follow, excellent information, and key things were taken away.”

โ€œThe manner in which this information was presented was with care and in-depth knowledge.”

โ€œThis was an amazing presentation. I learned so much from it and it was fascinating. I think this information is so applicable for everyone in the community, especially for those who work with trauma survivors.”

Duane is a gem – and it’s easy to see when you read comments like these from the audience – just how impactful Duane is. And if we can’t have a book from Duane, we think his webinars are a pretty close second. ๐Ÿ˜€

๐Ÿ“• Victim Advocates and Victim Assistants: Don’t miss Duane’s next webinar May 14, The Most Common Feelings of Trauma Survivors.

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