Executive Coaching for Women: Improve Leader Performance

Executive Coaching for Women: Improve Leader Performance
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-08-29
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Women are underrepresented in leadership roles in public safety and criminal justice professions. Various campaigns, policies, and programs are being implemented in an effort to change this. Executive coaching is one of the things identified to help women improve their performance, engagement, and development professionally as well as in life in general. This webinar discusses the benefits of executive coaching for women and how agencies can support it.

Leading the conversation are Jonni Redick and Rosanne Richeal. Jonni is a retired Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol and is currently a public speaker, coach, consultant, and author. Meanwhile, Rosanne has served over three decades as a public safety professional and served as a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and municipal Chief of Police.

Specifics of their presentation covered:

  • The importance and benefits of professional development and how disparities within translate to inequalities between men and women.
  • What executive coaching is, what it encompasses, who it is for, and its differences from mentoring.
  • How executive coaching can benefit individuals across the different facets of life and research with findings that support the same claim.
  • The agency’s key role in ensuring coaching is made available to employees.
  • The different coaching models found to be effective for women’s distinct challenges, needs, goals, and circumstances.
  • Factors to take into account when implementing changes as it relates to organizational culture, buy-in, existing policies, practices and issues, and training.
  • How the effectiveness of executive coaching can be measured and the value in incorporating coaching in strategic and succession planning.
  • Questions to ask when selecting a coach to work with, what coaching entails, does, is not, and should not be.
  • How coaching facilitates things like relationship-building, accountability, growth, identifying barriers and saboteurs, addressing change, identifying core values, asking important questions, and shifting mindsets.
  • What accountability means and looks like in the organizational setting and how a coach can help in this aspect.
  • The trans-theoretical model (TTM) of change and the stages within that coaches can help by providing support, guidance, and accountability.
  • The importance of mindset, how a negative mindset can impact our mental health, and how intentionally reflecting on our mindset and working with a coach can help reframe to a positive mindset.
  • The value in not only focusing on improving ourselves but also on developing others.
  • Utilizing the 3-6-9 rule as a helpful tool for staying on track with our goals.
  • Other ways to develop and invest in our professional and personal development.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Moving from a great structured team to an agency that may lack structure and leadership.
  • Helping others who are used to a negative mindset and work culture to shift to a positive one.
  • Studies and books referenced in the presentation.
  • Recommended coaching certifications for those considering to be coaches.
  • The cost and going rate for executive coaches.



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Audience Comments

  • “It gave me ideas to organize an Executive Coaching(Partnering for Change) for my team.” — Katrina
  • “I took a lot of information in. It was all very useful, especially toward growing within a company.” — Latoya
  • “So many benefits, and perspectives of executive coaching, to effectively grow your executive potential.” — Patricia
  • “The concepts discussed around change and steps of change.. Talking about what it looks like and feels like for the org and people within.” — Simone
  • The Presenters were knowledgeable and showed enthusiasm in covering this topic. AWESOME!!!” — Vivian




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