Ethical Decision-Making for Law Enforcement and Other Justice Professionals

Ethical Decision-Making for Law Enforcement and Other Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-06-10
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There are numerous complex issues that the world is dealing with daily that one may wonder is there a way to fix any of these? While there is no absolute panacea, there is something that can make everything a little less problematic – ethics.

This webinar’s speaker is Denise Beagley, the Manager of Clinical Initiatives & Training for Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy. She’s worked in the behavioral health arena for almost 20 years particularly in the intersection of criminal justice and psychology. She is also a Crisis Intervention Specialist for Chandler Fire, Health, and Medical.

Denise unpacks ethics and ethical decision making for justice professionals in this session and discusses:

  • How ethical dilemmas arise in the digital environment in our technology-dependent lives.
  • A look at the most revered values in people and the factors that play a role in value formation.
  • The idea of future thinking by evaluating how our actions can impact us and others in the future.
  • What ethics is, the things that come into play into the role of ethics, particularly in the field of public service.
  • A look at different examples of codes of ethics being followed in the behavioral science field that may serve as a guide when drafting one.
  • The importance of a code of ethics in establishing guidelines for conduct, setting healthy boundaries, and protecting ourselves and others.
  • The four major ethical principles to refer to when making a decision, keeping ourselves in check, and also serves as the core of various codes of ethics.
  • The different ethical standards that must be upheld.
  • The details of the case that resulted in the Tarasoff Duty to Warn and Protect.
  • A glimpse into the five ethical approaches that may be used when determining the most ethical path to resolving ethical dilemmas.
  • Ethical dilemmas, evaluating these, and the steps in ethical decision-making.
  • The concept of professional boundaries and specific guidelines for ASU on this topic.
  • Mandates on handling ethical violations.
  • Self-reminders on how one individual’s unethical decision or behavior can affect various stakeholders, not only in the professional but also personal level.
  • Various anecdotes, scenarios, and case examples were also provided to emphasize the concepts discussed.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • How ethics can influence law enforcement training on timely issues such as police conduct and accountability.
  • Best practices when establishing or updating code of ethics.


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Audience Comments

  • “Excellent Speaker! Relevant topic! Please have her back for the full seminar.” — Amber
  • “The speaker was outstanding! One of the best I have heard. I would definitely be interested in hearing her speak in the future!” — Angela
  • Great information and scenarios — April
  • “It was very informative! I loved the examples that were shared.”  — Ashley
  • “I appreciated the guidance provided for questions to ask yourself when making an ethical decision (does the action cause harm? does the action violate rights of others? would you like to be on the receiving end of this action?).” — Bronwyn
  • “Denise Beagley is an EXCELLENT presenter…..really captivates the audience by her rhythm and discussions.” — Corinna
  • “She was very informative and talked a lot about her job experiences. Excellent !!!” — Kari



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