Enhancing Teamwork and Strengthening Organizational Culture Using Myers Briggs Personality Understanding

Enhancing Teamwork and Strengthening Organizational Culture Using Myers Briggs Personality Understanding
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-05-05
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Personality assessments are a great way to better understand oneself in the people around us. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most widely used personality assessments across the world. Its research-proven benefits in the workplace include enhancing teamwork. Dr. Chris Jones leads this session to unpack how this tool facilitates productivity and fosters a more efficient workplace.

Dr. Chris Jones oversees training for 3M’s enterprise in Tennessee. Prior to this role, he served as a training specialist at the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center and National Forensic Academy. He is also internationally-acclaimed having trained and presented for law enforcement and other related professions in different countries around the world.

Topics he discussed include:

  • What the MBTI is, what it identifies and conveys, and the industries and organizations that utilize it.
  • Why the MBTI is popular and its research-proven benefits in terms of individual and team performance and productivity, employee retention, motivation and morale, and reducing conflicts.
  • MBTI’s inception, from its basis in Carl Jung’s work and the development of the assessment by the mother-daughter team of Catherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.
  • The theories around personality and the two kinds of mental processes that play a central role in MBTI.
  • The four dichotomies which look at how people direct or receive energy, take in information, make decisions, and deal with the world.
  • The eight personality preferences individuals may fall into based on the dichotomies and each one’s distinct characteristics.
  • What it means to fall in the middle of the personality preferences.
  • The concept of one’s comfort level as it relates to MBTI and how it can impact job performance and satisfaction.
  • The areas of MBTI to make the most impact and appeal to people to create an ideal work environment.
  • Interpersonal conflicts: People’s lack of expertise in solving these and their adverse results in the workplace.
  • Two hypothetical team scenarios that illustrate the common frictions that individuals tend to experience when working with colleagues that are of different personality preferences.
  • The value of MBTI in addressing typical pain points that leaders and employees experience by having a better insight into each other’s personality preferences.
  • How MBTI ultimately drives harmonious team dynamics and success as a team by fostering understanding and compromise, recognizing each other, and ensuring equal opportunity.

Questions raised by the webinar participants are about:

  • Getting the organization to utilize MBTI assessments.
  • Accurate MBTI typing and potential shifts over time dictated by changing life circumstances.
  • Administering MBTI assessments for large organizations.
  • Overcoming challenges that leaders supervising people with an opposite personality preference tend to encounter.
  • Changing the team dynamics when there are opposing personality preferences and cliques within a team.



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Audience Comments

  • “Great presenter with great information.” — Beverly
  • “This was so interesting! Understanding how others process information and the steps they each need to take to be successful is so important.” — Christine
  • “Everyone is different but having the Briggs-Meyer results will help me better understand my coworkers. Thank you.” — Charlene
  • “It reinforced the responsibility of leaders to know who they are leading so they can communicate with them in the most effective way.” — Daniel
  • “This is so important to learn and consider as we work with different people. Conflict can be better and resolved quicker understanding this research.” — Deonda
  • “I appreciated the summary of each type and would have like to have more discussion around supporting teams with widely varying types to find more middle ground. Especially around how teams can utilize each type’s strengths to increase efficacy.” — Emily
  • “Great webinar for new supervisors as well as a refresher for more seasoned as our workforce changes.” — Marki
  • “I liked the focus on how we can implement this information to help us work with our direct reports and help them be more successful. Also even though the presenter said presenting was not his strength, I thought he was excellent!” — KC
  • “I had my MBTI results and it was nice to learn about how to apply and look at the results in a team environment.” — Kristie
  • “This was an introduction of the Myers-Briggs. I would request another webinar where the various parts of the Myers-Briggs might be used by supervisors. As an INTJ, what was most useful was learning that everyone has strengths and a good leader plays to the person’s strength.” — Art
  • “Thank you for sharing the Speaker’s expertise on this topic. The poll/questions of self-evaluation were an eye-opener! We always need more information in this area!” — Roseann
  • “The instructor, Dr. Jones, is so incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and is a phenomenal speaker! I learned so much on this webinar. Thank you!” — Kim
  • “Chris is a phenomenal speaker and I appreciate his knowledge and experience so much. Him having experience in LE makes a big difference in his ability to reach his audience. I feel like this just scratched the surface for me and I will definitely tune into more as I try to build a “recovery” platform for my team of corrections nurses.” — Mindy



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