Enhancing Leadership Skills

Enhancing Leadership Skills
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-11-07
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The word leadership has a lot of weight – it denotes power and responsibility, privileges and selflessness. With these in mind, some people may find themselves in a leadership position with hesitations or full of misconceptions. To unpack the intricacies of leadership is Dr. Jeff Fox, author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Public Service Leadership and Management.

One of Justice Clearinghouse’s regular instructors, Dr. Fox has had a prolific 27-year criminal justice career, the majority of which was spent with the Virginia State Police. He’s held various roles including a military policeman, trooper, and lieutenant. His expertise allowed him to write several books as well as teach in various criminal justice academies on leadership, ethics and criminal justice topics. He is the founder of Fox Public Safety Training, Educating and Consulting.

Some of the nitty-gritty Dr. Fox delved into on this course are:

  • Leadership and management basics that stress:
    • An ethics-centered leadership that fosters collaboration.
    • Providing opportunities to prepare followers to become good leaders.
    • A leader’s influence on the people they supervise.
    • The importance of celebrating wins.
  • Comparing management from leadership, the people and thing paradigm, and how a leader must combine and balance these to be truly successful.
  • Techniques to develop ethical leaders that looks into one’s behavior, principles, character, and emotion.
  • Unpacking the levels of leadership and the skills required to perform effectively for each.
  • Jeff’s recommended leadership formula combining situational, servant and transformational leadership.
  • Encouraging critical thinking and effective decision-making that considers different options based on people’s input, evidence, innovations, reflective thinking, and proper prioritization.
  • The reality that there is no one-size-fits-all type of leadership and how to become a transformational leader.
  • Leadership in critical situations that highlight:
    • The importance of command, control, coordination, cooperation, and communication.
    • The most common problem areas encountered.
    • The accountability and interdependence of the leaders and followers to each other.
    • A leader’s influence to inspire and motivate others to be positive and be the best they can be.
  • Performance management that establishes goals, addresses issues promptly, ensures objective and fair assessment, and welcomes feedback and discourse.
  • Pointers to improve one’s communication skills as a leader.
  • Fox provided clarifications and advice to webinar attendees seeking help on:
    • Deficiencies in promotion process and incompetence in the workforce.
    • Some leaders’ inability to address a person, system or organization’s shortcomings.
    • Being the leader of a team with skill sets and experiences different from yours.
    • Working with people who oppose your ideas and are not particularly fond of you.
    • Influencing people who hold higher roles than you.


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Audience Comments:

  • “This speaker and his topic were very grounded and very lively. I enjoyed it.” — Angela
  • “AWESOME speaker – tells it like it is with info you can take back and use immediately. You’re going to get battle scars! A lot of very important info to digest. THANK YOU!” — Roseann
  • “I appreciated the personalized stories.” — Candice
  • “The book list is great, thank you!” — Angelica
  • “The entire presentation, seriously. So many slides of info are things I’ve studied on Leadership and have tried to become. So, to see Dr. Jeff enforce all of these great things really made my day. I did really like the Basics slide followed by the Juxtaposing slide. He also wasn’t wishy-washy. Great!” — Darren
  • “The value from the webinar comes from hearing the information reinforced. Dr. Fox has a wealth of experience to draw from to provide practical applications of the information. Dr. Fox is a charismatic speaker and I enjoyed listening to his presentation.” — Frank
  • “This was one of the best webinars I have attended. The fact Fox has been able to break down problems and solving issues with in supervisors has gave new insight. I currently a new promoted sergeant of a shift of seven officers. A few I have worked with at other agencies and know or worked around the other officers. I am taking in all the knowledge I can to have a successful team. Breaking down the personality flaws and finding beneficial positions is a challenge I am willing to take on.”  — Greg
  • “Improving leadership is always evolving, both in method and in personal application. I really appreciate Dr. Fox’s enthusiasm for the subject and his placing concepts in context.” — Justin
  • “Great presenter! I like that he had personal examples that he could reference.” — Lynda
  • “Great presentation and information. The most valuable thing I learned is do what’s right not what’s safe and expedient and when there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong, except nothing’s wrong…I will pass this information along to others in my organization and my successor.” — Marnita
  • “I loved “Try to understand difficult people without becoming one.” — Patricia
  • “The emphasis on ethics was inspiring.” — Whitney



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