Empowered People Empower 911

Empowered People Empower 911
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-12-01
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The helping profession at times may feel like a thankless job, particularly for telecommunicators and dispatchers who are treated as mere voices and hands as they are not seen in the midst of the “action”. This session explores how we can cultivate a sense of appreciation through the concept of empowerment.

Leading the discussion is Sara Weston, the founder and executive director of 911der Women, Inc., a nonprofit that aims to empower and provides tools for women in public safety. She works closely with public safety agencies through Sara Weston Consulting, LLC to guide them in planning, procuring, and implementing NG911 systems.

Specifics of her webinar covered:

  • An account of Sara’s story – how she struggled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, the person who changed her perspective, and the loss she endured that triggered her desire to be a catalyst for change for others.
  • A brief overview of the 911Der Women community – its inception, the growth of the Facebook group, moving into a bigger online space, and its official launch as a non-profit.
  • The negative connotation of the word power – particularly for women, working definitions that shift how power is viewed and practiced, and the concept of empowerment.
  • How women tend to feel out of control in life.
  • What empowerment means to women in terms of self-empowerment and the ability to empower others.
  • The mutual empowerment that must exist between leaders and frontliners to be able to run a productive and effective organization.
  • How empowerment does not stop at giving women a seat at the table but extending this to encouraging them to speak.
  • Barriers preventing women from speaking up and the insights that can be gleaned by listening to their voices.
  • Specific action steps to take to empower people and get them to speak up that highlights the importance of trust and encouragement, authenticity and vulnerability, providing resources, incentives and feedback, and being open to criticism.
  • An example of how we can help empower others through the 911der Women Send a Smile program.
  • The importance of self-empowerment and tips to cultivate it.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Empowering employees when the supervisor is discouraging and stopping progress.
  • The Send a Smile program.
  • Discovering or rekindling things that we are passionate about.



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Audience Comments

  • “I found the encouragement to be the solutions you want to see in the world as helpful and appreciated her sharing her story. …” — Vanessa
  • This was a great one. I appreciate the class and the presenter. — Moises
  • “This was awesome and so very well presented! I saw myself in some segments of the training, Presentation made me even more proud to be an Advocate!!! Thanks a lot!” — Celeste
  • “EMPOWER 911 MEANS TO YOU? Thank you for these additional tools to continue to empower the survivors I provide services to daily. Love the Send a Smile will be utilizing it.” — Carolyn
  • “I like her honesty and passion.” — JIllian





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