Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture

Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-09-01
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture
Unit 2 Workbook: Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture
Unit 3 Transcript: Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture
Unit 4 Recording: Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is about understanding and managing your emotions, along with the ability to establish and maintain relationships with others. Law Enforcement, Corrections, Parole or Courts are a relationship-driven profession. Individuals may work on their EI competencies but do we work EI into the organizational culture?

Recent events have focused attention on relationships outside the internal agency structure. The pressure to “be nice” along with the appearance of a lack of organizational support creates stress throughout the organization. The organization while a thing, is made up of people. Organizations thrive or fail through culture. Is the organization supportive, caring and respectful of its members or focused on maintaining the status quo?

Our webinar focus on internal relationships and how to develop EI as part of the organizational culture. We will look at the impact of perception from a top-down/bottom-up approach and how that affects emotion.  Discuss how empathy is a major player in motivation. And how to develop a more transparent communication process within the organization.


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Audience Comments

  • “Our division has been working on an online resiliency training, so to hear additional information on EQ and other perspectives and ways or talking about it is helpful.” — Amanda
  • “The importance of EQ. Very experienced speaker. I missed the beginning. I hope you will offer it again. Thank you for this very important training.” — Roseann
  • “Concept of EQ and how to merge it into our hiring practices. Thanks again, excellent course.” — Burt
  • “I liked the reminder that 7% of communication is what we actually say. The other was Respond vs React.” — Brian
  • “Great webinar! Awesome speaker!” — Christine
  • “Great information! best EQ presentation. Out of my 6yrs working at my department, this is only the 2nd training they have given us.” — Dulce
  • “I think that EQ is so common sense for some people and so foreign to others it really helped to be reminded what we should already know and how pervasive it is and why it applies to our work and our work relationships. This was absolutely wonderful and even though it was created with law enforcement professionals in mind it was totally applicable to human services.” — Jolene
  • “I appreciated the concrete steps given to culture change and outlining of a solid foundation for EQ and healthy agency culture.” — Kristen
  • “Great presenter! I learned a lot that will assist me in my work. Thank you!” — Mary
  • “I gained a clearer understanding about emotional intelligence, what it is, how it works, and why it matters to me and my organization. Well done, sir. Well done.” — Michael
  • “THOM is the real deal. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and lived experience. He provides HOPE.” — Leo


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