Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Criminal Justice Professionals

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-07-12
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Unit 2Recording: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Leaders in the criminal justice field need to be emotionally intelligent, now more than ever. Being a leader who understands and relates to people from various backgrounds and all walks of life is a skill set desired by many. The reasons for this include that they motivate and inspire others, they increase morale in their organizations, and they foster an environment promoting trust and legitimacy. This webinar will examine and demonstrate the importance of having leaders in the justice system with a high degree of emotional intelligence.


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Audience Comments

  • “He was very clear on the topic and had slides that were very explanatory. He is a very accomplished, bright, and energetic presenter!” — Alfreda
  • “How I can work on becoming a stronger more focused leader by developing my E.I. I really enjoyed this topic today. Thank you.” — Patricia
  • “Very knowledgeable! Thank you for the cheat sheets on what to practice.” — Lori
  • “One of the best webinars I have ever attended! I thought I was going to be lulled off to sleep due to the topic but the speaker kept the energy up and was incredibly informational. I have been very unhappy with my job b/c it is not engaging enough and I’m not comfortable with management, but this gave me the courage to text my supervisor for additional responsibilities. Lastly, I will definitely attend your webinars in the future and look forward to what you have in store.” — Rose
  • “To improve my listening skills and take time to respond to questions and comments. Thank you!” — Symie






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